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    I recently replaced my Centro with a Pre. One of the issues I now have is that the Panasonic BL-C131A Webcam doesn't work in the Pre's browser. When you go to the personal website, the controls pop up (although they are inactive) and no image comes up.

    It did work with static images and a refresh in the old Blazer. I'm not exactly sure why. The camera is best controlled with live video in Internet Explorer. I've gotten it to work in Firefox without sound and it doesn't work in Chrome at all.

    Does this have something to do with ActiveX controls?

    Anyone have any experience with this camera? Ideas on how to get it to work on the Pre? I would even be happy with just a static image and refresh like on the Centro.....
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    I have a different Panasonic model, but I have been able to get it to work on the Pre.

    Make sure you put /mobile on the end of your url.


    (where 9999 is your port #)
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    great. that helped. actually the port number didn't work for me. i just did and got the same static image i had on my centro with the controls. thanks!

    I wish there was a way to get live video!

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