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    I have been lurking here for the last six months or so, and have been REALLY excited about the release of the Pre. I finally got the chance to play with one at the Sprint store the other day, and am now deciding whether I want to make the switch. Currently, I have an original iPhone, which I absolutely love, with service from AT&T, which I don't. My contract with AT&T ends in August, and I am considering switching to Sprint and the Pre, or staying with AT&T and getting a new Iphone 3GS.

    I am really tempted by the Pre, yet I am not sure about a few things, and wanted to get some more information from those of you who have had one for a while. First, compared to the iPhone, the keyboard is much smaller, and I have really big fingers. I am used to typing on the iPhone with both thumbs, yet do not really know what I would do on the Pre. For those of you with bigger hands, what have your experiences been?

    Also, in my brief time with the Pre, I had a hard time reading the font on the screen, even after double tapping to autozoom. I know that I can pinch and scroll, yet I would prefer not to have to do that all the time. For those of you with Pre's, what are your thoughts?

    Finally, for those of you who had iPhones before, what has your experience been like?

    I want to end by saying that I really want to like the Pre, and am willing to take the time to get better with it. I think that it is a fabulous phone, and my comments are not intended as critiques. There is a place in this world for both the iPhone and the Pre, and I want to find out which one would work better for me. Thanks for your comments!

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    The gestures are close enough. No home button, just a quick launch which is similar. I don't have any problem with the font. I think it is about the same. Once, you start multitasking you will not go back. The only thing you will miss is apps, but they will come.
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    Same boat. My pre will be in hopefully tomorrow, I am #3 on the list.
    What the heck, I can no longer read on my 755p. At least with the pre I can zoom in.
    Will chew on it again tonite.
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    i think you should continue to try out the keyboard at the store. the only way to know for sure is to play with it. some people like typing w/the bottom of their fingers and some don't mind typing with the finger. it's purely subjective. trying it first-hand is the only way you'll know if you like or don't like it. and keep doing it over and over so that you have a good idea.

    i did the same thing w/the iPhone... i kept going to the apple store to play/use it for an extended amount of time in order to make sure that i don't have any initial judgment that would change after extended use. and, i came to the conclusion that the virtual keyboard and overall user experience wasn't a good fit for how i plan to use it.

    as for the font on the screen, i'm assuming you're referring to the fonts on webpages and not the fonts for the user interface (which is highly legible imo). i agree with you that the fonts on webpages are quite tiny. it has to do with two factors:

    first, the screen is physically smaller than the iPhones, so everything will appear a little bit smaller. not much, but sometimes just a little can be a dealbreaker depending on one's eyesight.

    secondly, many websites tend to have their column width too wide. the ideal column width for readability is somewhere between 13-15 words per line. even with double-tapping, the column widths are just too wide and therefore the fonts have to be small. combine these two factors together and you can see why sometimes flipping the phone horizontally is the only way to have a legible page.

    hope that helps. overall, though the pre provides an amazing user experience that i still love, warts and all. good luck w/your search and do let us know how it turns out.
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    Keep your iPhone and go to Sprint and get yourself a Pre. Use the Pre for your 30 days and decide. If you don't like it, bring it back.

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