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    I have tried several times to get my calendar working. I used the data transfer assistant. Both my palm profile and google calendar gray out and freeze. I have done a hard reset and started over with the same result. Suggestions? Thanks in advance for trying to help. Otherwise, this phone is fantastic!
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    I worked on my Pre and my wife's for a couple of days to get the calendar all working properly. During the process, I did encounter the "gray and unresponsive" mode.

    What I finally concluded was that there's too much calendar data and/or errors that the data transfer assistant couldn't handle. After running the data transfer assistant, it left an errors.txt file listing a bunch of places where it couldn't parse the date data, apparently for repeating appointments that had exceptions.

    So after copying the Palm Desktop data as a backup, I purged all appointments older than one month. Then I manually went back and made sure that any repeating appointments that began before a month ago, but were still active, had a start date within the last month. I cleaned it all up until there were no appointments visible earlier than a month ago.

    Then I did the data transfer assistant to an empty Pre (and empty Google calendar). It still took a couple hours before my Pre and my Google calendar were in sync, but everything worked. Now, it's fast, appointments automatically sync whether they were created on the Pre or in Google, and there's no "gray calendar" problem.

    I also notice that my battery life has gotten WAY better. A post somewhere else suggested that having to sync much less data had a big impact here.
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    thanks for the reply. Sorry for the elementary question, but how did you first backup your palm data before you purged it?

    thanks again
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    I've experienced gray (and frozen) calendars as well. I had over 2000 entries in my calendar when it was migrated to my Pre. Didn't know about the errors.txt file -- I'll check for that this evening.

    I have a number of anniversary events -- 2nd Tuesday every 12 months for instance, starting in October, so that it repeats once every year. I noticed that the repeat changed from '12' to '1' month, and that the 'no time' event moved to the previous day, due to all the 'no time' events being in GMT, rather than EST/EDT, like all the timed events.

    Have you figured out how to handle 'once a year' events like the above?

    Just start them in the future?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    thanks for the reply. Sorry for the elementary question, but how did you first backup your palm data before you purged it?
    After doing the syn with Palm Desktop, I found the folder on my PC with all the files and just made a copy of it. The folder is going to have a name like "HarringJ" if your user name is "John Harrington". You can also use the Windows find feature to look for files that have been changed in the last day. The folder is pretty obvious once you find it; it contains things like "datebook", "address", and "memopad" folders.
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    I tired that, but the same result.....a gray frozen screen. I have an appt on the phone with Level 2 tech support tonight. I will let you know what they say.
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    I had the same issue when I first set up my Pre. However, I just use google for mail and calander and I still had the issue! Thankfully though, it only appeared to last the first couple of days and everything has been fine since.

    I sometimes wonder if there was a problem initially loading it and/or if some updates in 1.0.2 actually fixed it for me now (I had set up the calendar then updated to 1.0.2 After I updated, the problem only was around for 3 days before disappearing).
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    My first attempted data migration was to WebOS 1.0.1. After experiencing my first calendar problems, I found an update waiting for 1.0.2. I updated to 1.0.2, and that did not seem to fix anything. At that point, I wiped the phone clean (using the Erase Phone command from my Palm Profile login), and re-did the data migration, this time not choosing to sync with Google, and choosing a different Palm Profile email address, so the only source of data would come from the data migration.

    This was done several days ago, and I still have grayed out and frozen calendar screens.
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    that is depressing. I hope level 2 tech has an answer tonight
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    Any word on your tech call?
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    I spent 90 minutes with him. See my post about Level 2 tech and update. He seemed like he knew what he was doing.

    As far as the calendar....I will let you know the steps to try if it works. The calendar is SLOWLY repopulating on the palm calendar. The contacts, notes and tasks all came through fine. About 10% of my calendar has appeared slowly. He said it would take 4 hours......I am thinking line 48 hours!

    One thing I would suggest that definitely helped last night. I bought dbfixit from pimlico software. I ran it on my centro database and it found 5 corrupt files "errors" that it fixed. I then re-hotsynced. That seemed to help a lot.

    I will keep you posted.

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