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    Treo 800w or Centro battery for the Pre???? I need an "official" answer on this please! I need a spare battery and charger for the pre, but don't want to spend any more money than I have to. Please, someone give some answers who has tried either/or battery in their pre and their results. Thank you very much!

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    According to Palm and Seidio(non oem maker of PRE batteries) the Pre batteries have a slight difference than the Centro and 800W batteries). They recommend to get a battery for the PRE and not use one of those other batteries. Some people have suggested they have used PRE batteries with no problems but it has been a short time. The problems won't come right away.

    The representative from Seidio said this in the PreCentral : Pre accessories area:

    Hello All!

    Thank you for your interested in our products! For obvious reasons, we cannot detail every technical aspect of our development processes. But we were told that the Centro batteries is not fully compatible with the Pre and issues may occur under intensive use.

    So it is up to you what you want to do. Most people know that all batteries are not the same, even if they have the same 1350mAh. There can be differences on how the phone handles the batteries. I am sure a lot of people will tell you go ahead, it is fine. I am doing it. Let's ask them the same question in 6 months.

    You have to ask yourself a question, do you really want to take a chance.

    By the way you can go to Seidio or to get your batteries and battery chargers. Just check the accessory forum for more information.
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    fyi: I remember the very first 755 batteries from SEIDIO.. I posted a thread where I was using the old 3200mah 650/700 battery on my 755 and SEIDIO was stating that there are different pins.

    Low and behold, today on some 3200mah 650/700 batteries, it market itself as 650/700/755

    *To be fair though, the newer version with 755 IS trimmed down a bit for the 755 shell

    My opinion? The centro battery works with the Pre.
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    I really surprised that this BS is continuing on and on. I would love for Sedio or Palm or Sprint to come right out and say what this minor technical difference is. The batteries are the exact same voltage, with the exact same amps and the exact same form factor. Everything that you lean from Ohms law says they are perfectly compatible. In practical testing they are perfectly compatible. So what gives?

    I call BS.
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    There are several folks here claiming to have been using Centro batteries in their Pre's since day 1.
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    I think I will buy the treo 800 battery and charger then. Seidio stands to profit from making and selling us batteries as well, so in my opinion they are a bit biased. Besides, if palm/sprint won't tell us what it is that makes the battery for the pre different than the centro and treo 800's battery, what makes you think they would tell seidio what is different? Unless seidio reverse engineered a battery...possibly.
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    Whatever happened to the "intro speech" video that showed the various features of the phone... then pop it open to show and say it uses the "same battery as the centro" (answered by a resounding applause since everyone knows a user replaceable batter is sorely lacking in the iPhone)

    Am I mistaken? Did he not say that? I'm pretty sure sprint is trying to sell more batteries by telling people they are slightly different. (A different label maybe... heh...)

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