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    Try this and see if the same thing happens to you. Extend the slider,slide it back up, and pinch the top left corner of the phone between your first finger and thumb. I hear an audible click as the slider and screen come together.
    Only happens on the top left.
    Anyone else?
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    Hmm no click, my slider seems a little lose then most though, but not as loose as some peoples.

    I usually only use the phone with the slider extended, in which case there is 0 wobble in any direction.

    Its only when the phone is close that top left corner seems to rise a weee bit to high for alot of people.

    Many have returned it, but with limited supply I think ill wait to see if it gets worse or my sprint store gets more in stock
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    More often than not, I can pinch the top right of the phone and repeatedly cause it to click. You would think it might be the battery cover, but it happens with the lid off, even. If I cannot get it to click, opening and closing the slider once or twice will allow it to happen again.
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    I just noticed that mine is doing that. I'm not really worried about it yet, but I think I need to slide more gently.

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