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    mine dropped fromm5 feet , no issues.
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    I first posted this on another thread, but decided to add it here, too.

    I've been waiting to post my story until it reached a conclusion. Got my Pre on launch day (black box). Loved it. No battery issues. Then last Sunday (6.14), I was walking across my living room, which has laminate flooring over a concrete slab. The phone slipped out of my hand and I watched it hit the floor (in scary slow motion). I scooped it up and noticed no initial injury. Then I spotted it--an insidious crack in the left bottom corner of the screen (looking at phone). Started in the gesture area and began creeping up and to the right with each passing minute. When it stopped, it rendered my gesture area useless and the touch screen itself severely limited. At first the launcher started opening apps at random. I could still use the phone as a "phone" but it was very difficult to end the call.

    Tried going to the Sprint store--factory and non-factory to see what my options were. They admired my honesty--owning up to the fact that I truly did drop it, and directed me toward Asurion. Tried to file the claim online, but they had me fax in some papers. (Is everybody who deals with Pre returns as Asurion having to do this?) They called 22 hours later to say that my Pre was being shipped and it arrived today (next day). I was pleased to see my replacement arrive in a yellow box. My phone is now activated and synced up. All that's left is to put my music and photos back onboard, then it will be like this whole ugly mess never happened...except for that $100 deductible. Tonight I'm off to BestBuy to get the Razorfish cover. I'm going to keep searching until I find the ultimate shock absorbing case. I do NOT want to have this happen again.
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