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    I am a user of the Instinct. Ever since I got it I can't stand the fact that I have to "send" twice. I miss how my Katana would send the message just by hitting "send" once. Owners of the Pre, how do you like the SMS and MMS feature of the phone? I am waiting for August when my 1 year expires with the Instinct. By the way I hate the "resistive" touchscreen of the Instinct. Love the "capacitive" screen of my iTouch. If iPhone were available on Sprint I would be all over it. I have yet to see a Pre as RadioShack is the only supplier for Sprint near me and all of their employee's snatched up the Pre on release date and they have yet to receive more.
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    Texting is awesome. You can just press enter on the keyboard to send.
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    texting is great. MMS is awsome as well. Do it.
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    I love texting on the pre, way better then my bb in terms if trying to manage MANY conversations a crossed several mediums, aim, msn, google talk. The nice thing is each conversation is made per person, if you switch between that persons sms, aim, or msn accounts you can see all the messages in one easy place

    that would never be possible on my blackberry

    they keyboard is also awesome, it took some getting used to but its quite so I can txt while talking with people on the phone without them knowing (I know I am an arse like that haha)
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    yeah, i've used 2400 texts in the last 8 days on my pre! haha.
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    I love the fact that the mms pics show up right in the chat window. I hated that the pictures on the 755 had to be accessed through the web.
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    As a former Instinct owner let me tell you...Dude,you will love this phone! It is everything you have always wanted the Instinct to be. I am so much more accurate on this keyboard and you just hit enter or the little airplane button to send.

    No spell check, but there probably will be by August.

    Say goodbye to that Instinct toy!!
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    coming from a Centro, texting on the Pre is as easy as pie. The only problem I have is I sometimes hit the enter key before i'm done typing a text. just a habit from the centro I guess.
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    had both instinct and centro just one thing.... love to text and get lots of mms and like to forward them, how do i do it with the pre.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GFS View Post
    yeah, i've used 2400 texts in the last 8 days on my pre! haha.
    DAMN! lol I've used like... 75.
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    Cannot forward at this time, maybe in a future WebOS update it will be added.
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    i'm having texting problems.. the conversations are missing. any help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by syphex View Post
    I love the fact that the mms pics show up right in the chat window. I hated that the pictures on the 755 had to be accessed through the web.
    This is by far the best messaging system I have used. I really love the conversation view too.
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    It's mostly very good (love how it threads the messages together) but has a few annoying problems for me.

    1. The backspace/delete and the enter/send keys are right on top of each other. On a tiny keyboard like this you'll end up sending messages that you didn't finish or were still trying to edit.

    2. Can't save videos in messages people send.

    3. My most annoying bug is the slight dimming of the screen that often makes me mistype the first word of the text. If you're having an ongoing conversation with somebody and they take say 30 seconds (not sure the actual amount of time it takes) the screen will ever so slightly dim. but still display their new message in the conversation. When it does this, it's not noticeable and it doesn't record the first couple of key strokes because the keystrokes only "wake" the screen from this slightly dimmer state. I usually don't notice so I have to painstakingly back up (no arrow keys, have to tap and drag the cursor) to the first word. What aggravates the problem is that usually the first recorded letter in the word at the start of a text is automatically capitalized. You would think hitting backspace would delete it, but it actually just makes it lower case. I usually forget this and end up having to back up and correct the typo yet again, all for keystrokes that should have been recorded correctly from the beginning. Not a deal breaker by any means, but can make you want to throw it against a wall if you're in the middle of an important or emotional text conversation.

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