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    To dial extensions, strings, or enter passwords for voicemails:

    1. Create a contact or use an existing contact.
    2. Create a new phone number entry
    3. For a Hard Pause use "p" or for a 1 second pause use "t"

    So this is how it would work;
    this is phone number = xxx-xxx-xxxx
    this is the password = yyyy

    In the contact phone number it would be xxxxxxxxxxpyyyy

    You can then assign it to a speed dial by selecting the contacts menu drop down>"Set Speed Dial" and choose your number to assign it to'

    So, you dial press and hold your speed dial for 1 second, it dials and after it picks up you just press the "screen command' "dial yyyy" and it will enter your password.
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    You actually get this to work? I have been trying varying methods to get an autodialer for my work voice mail, but none have worked.
    Sprint CS & Palm CS just tried to get this to work, but confirmed that p=pause is NOT currently supported with the Pre. They did state this is being worked on for the "next" update. kudos to Sprint CS for calling me back 3 times within a half hour to help with this issue.
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    I haven't tried the 'p' but am using multiple 't's to generate a 3 second pause for my conf call lines that I regularly use. Works no problem. I do notice that the tones being passed to the conf call are what I would call long, but since it's a lot faster than me dialing and they work, I don't care. Just glad to have it.
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    I've used the 't' and 'p' and they both function properly.

    For example, if you input this as the number for your contact: 1234567890p1234

    The phone will dial 1234567890, then on the screen, it will show "Dial 1234" and wait for you to press it. Once you press it, it'll dial "1234". You can input multiple 'p' commands in a number if you like and it'll keep adding the "Dial ####" line each time you complete a sequence.
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    Yep, p works for me too. I really like it. Had to get TakePhone for this to work on the 755p.
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    Does it work with default voicemail? Haven't gotten mine to work.
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    Try using w instead of p, it worked for me. Found on another thread somewhere.
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    I use this for several work numbers, to dial the number + wait for an extension. I also used to use it for voicemail for my home phone, to enter the pin, etc.

    t = times pause (1 second)
    p = hard pause

    If you need a few seconds, insert a few t. example - 1234567890ttt1234 would dial the number, wait 3 seconds and then dial the extension.

    NOTE: I believe this is case-sensitive. You must use lowercase letters!

    Another NOTE: I believe I remember reading somewhere on this site that 2.0 users were having problems with this working.

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    If you need to know which characters your carrier uses, in the phone app, hold your finger on * for 1 second to generate the timed pause character (t for Sprint), and on # for 1 second to generate the hard pause character (p for Sprint).
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