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    Well.. haven't posted here in quite a while but this happened to me tonight. Tried the doctor and got the error message. Looks like I'll be heading to Sprint on Friday. Quite frustrating to say the least.
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    my issue turned out to be the flex cable,, modem flashed but still offline ...
    replaced the flex cable and all is good , cable looked fine but there must have been a break in it some where
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    Quote Originally Posted by twice View Post
    my issue turned out to be the flex cable,, modem flashed but still offline ...
    replaced the flex cable and all is good , cable looked fine but there must have been a break in it some where
    flex cable?
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    My phone got locked into "Phone offline" mode, and over the course of a week I rebooted it, turned airplane mode on and off and toggled the Bluetooth probably well over 100 times. No fix.

    Finally having time to sit down and research the problem, I came here and learned about the WebOS Doctor and ran that. After the phone loads up for the first time I get the "Phone Error: Your phone is experiencing an error that cannot be resolved. Visit for help." message. A quick Google shows me that I am just one of hundreds experiencing this issue.

    I am amazed that a solution to this problem has not been found.

    What are my options at this point? Trash the phone? Force the Sprint store to give me a new one? This is one of the biggest fluster clucks I have experienced with a high dollar electronic in my entire life.
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    Sorry for bumping an old post, but i am now having this same issue. My sprint pre's radio shuts down when I open up my sms aswell as right when it starts to make a phone call. It reboots the radio almost instantly, but it is after the txt fails or phone call drops. Sometimes if iI type something out to google, it will turn the radio off while i'm typing, or right as it starts to open the web. I updated the settings as suggested in the previous reply, but that didnt help the problem any. For some reason it seems to always happen at times when the keyboard is in use, or was in use just before shutting off. Thanks for any help.
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    well now I see that the radio shuts off and reboots everytime the keyboard is slid open aswell as when it is closed.
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    I was in a Palm Pre nightmare, woke up after about 13 hours, and thought I'd share my experience in case anyone else freaked out from something similar.

    Around midnight, my phone was on low battery, and some incoming text messages had a different time stamp next to them, which happens when the phone regains reception. After I connected it to the Touchstone charger, my Pre went into "Phone offline" mode. I did a soft reset, and when the phone restarted, it connected to WiFi but not to the Sprint network. After the phone was fully charged, I did another soft reset and toggled Airplane mode on & off...still "Phone offline". So I did a hard reset and left the battery out for a few minutes to let the phone cool down. After replacing the battery and starting up, the top left corner still showed "Phone offline". I couldn't pull up email (blank card), messaging (icon was highlighted but wouldn't open at all), calendar (blank card), or contacts (blank card). Since I was connected to WiFi, the browser worked, but I couldn't check Updated or access the App Catalog. I couldn't use the dialer so I emailed other Sprint users to see if the network was down.

    According to other Sprint non-Pre users, the network was fine, but my phone was still "offline". I had never installed patches. Other than apps from the App Catalog and beta catalog, my Sprint Pre is in stock condition, running the latest webOS 1.4.5. I did several more restarts and Airplane mode toggles this morning while reading this thread. Then my touchscreen became unresponsive, and the screen remained dark even though the phone was on (it would vibrate or give notification sound when plugged into USB port of my computer) so I started freaking out and looking on the Sprint website to set an equipment repair appointment as well as prepare to buy a new phone.

    I decided to go into USB mode (that took several taps since the screen was being unresponsive) to copy files to my computer in case I truly overworked my Pre. Then I went into reset options:

    Device Information -> Reset Options -> Erase Apps & Data

    The Pre restarted from the beginning, asking for English/Spanish and having me input my Palm profile login. It began retrieving and syncing my Google information as well as reinstalling apps (I chose to pause most of these reinstalls). My Pre has been connected to the Sprint network since the "Erase Apps & Data" reset at 1:15pm, and my data seems to be intact.

    I am hoping this solved the problem. Thank you for this post.
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    I have a similar problem where every once in a while, which happens once every few days the "EV" indicator (I am CDMA) will turn grey and will refuse to communicate at all until I turn off the radio, and turn it back on. When this happens it's as if i'm black-holed from the cell network. I can get calls, but I don't get texts, or any data at all and everything times out.
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    Well this just happened to me, a day ago on my sprint pre. At first it was just go offline and reconnect to the network, but now it's stuck on phone offline. I'm going to sprint tomorrow to see if they can fix it, if not then I'm downgrading to an old pixi I have. I'm up for an upgrade in May anyways, I was just hoping it lasted until then, but oh well. I can't wait to get rid of this damn pre.
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    Just started having this same issue. My data just goes away although it says I'm at full signal. It comes back when I reboot for a bit. Sometimes it goes entirely ofline. Anybody know how to fix it. It just started happening all of a sudden. I was going to doctor, but if it's not going to help, why bother.

    Anybody know if that helps? I also overclock, I've set it back to Palm Default to see if it helps. Pretty bad timing as work has locked down the internet including yahoo mail. So my phone is my only source of contact with people during the day.

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    I know it's only been 10 minutes, but I think overclocking could be the issue. I've been having issues all day. Rebooted the phone maybe 7 times today. I was having issues before I turned off overclocking. I didn't reboot and problem seems to go away. Sprint better get that Pre3, and ASAP! I've had it with this Pre minus. No overclocking makes it even more of a POS!

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    Nevermind. Spoke too soon. Looks like I'm on the phone with Sprint tomorrow.

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    I am heading to the sprint store shortly. Webos dr didn't fix my issue with data shutting off when I slide the keyboard. So within a week, the data issue started, the crack above the usb door started, and the other day my phone wouldn't "wake up" when hitting the power button. Maybe I'll get a refurb, if not I might be stuck with a droid. Might be a sad day for me and my webos device. I will post a reply after going to sprint.
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    I spent an entire day trying to fix my Pre when I had this problem and finally took it into Sprint. They took 1 second looking at it and said I needed a new one. They've seen it before where the radio just dies out. They transferred all my info to the new phone and had it by morning.
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    anyone in the western ny area I reccomened the sprint store on niagra falls bullevard! He gave me a new pre after about 20 min of looking into the problem. Said it was shorting out somehow. Don't waste ur time at the repair place on union. The rep and tech knew less than me about how phones work. He told me to delete apps and it would work fine. So to prove a point I did a full erase and deleted evey app on the phone. Then when the problem was still there, I went to the other store. I spent about 4 or 5 hours today tring to resolve this issue. Only took the second rep 20 min to hand me my new pre and make me a happy man!
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    This issue really has me perplexed. I originally discovered this issue at work. Emails would never leave my outbox and my connection would just bounce all day. Then Thursday night, I had it all night. I thought I fixed it, but hadn't. Friday, I replaced my old battery with a newer one I purchased not too long ago. It worked all weekend with no issues. I came into work yesterday, and problems started happening again. It got better in the afternoon though.

    I left at lunch and the problems went away. My question and theory, and I'm sure it's completely off base, but here goes.

    The company recently locked down the internet. We can't use web email, and many many other sites. So, my thought is that people are now starting to use their phones. We have a Sprint repeater in our building, but is there any chance that the policy has increased the Sprint data usage and that could be causing the issue? I'm not too technical with how it all works, but it seems possible.
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    Something similar (but not the same) happened to me last weekend when I was roaming on Verizon (I have a Sprint Pre-). As I'm there every weekend, this was a new problem; I was constantly getting messages about not having a network connection, asking me to turn on wifi (of which there isn't any) and the EV box was not present. The phone and text messaging worked fine at the time, and I had the usual roaming signal. Restarting fixed it one time; six hours later it recurred and that time I had to pull the battery. Then I noticed that it "fixed" itself at one point. I figured it was a Verizon/roaming issue because when I got back into Sprint territory the problem disappeared. It was set for data roaming. Have no clue what was up.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    I ended up doctoring my phone. I'm in the process of reapplying all the packages through preware now. So far so good on my end. I was done with having to reboot my phone for it to send out an email. Otherwise, it just kept giving me an error indicating there was a problem sending the email. It would work for maybe 5 minutes after booting. Then stop again. Then periodically work. This was all data issues and not phone calls or texts, although texts would take a bit to send out. Very strange. I'm going to try this and if it doesn't work reformat the whole thing and take it to a Sprint store. I'm just hoping I can hold out until the Pre 3 is released.
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