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    Here are a couple issues with Universal Search. To me they're bugs but I suspect they may be features, i.e. deliberate. By Universal Search, I mean when you just start typing text from card view or the Launcher and it gives you the option to search with Google, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

    You can't do a Universal Search for text that begins with a number or special character. In other words, you can't start a Universal Search with the Orange button. This means you can't search for terms like "3com" or "1-800-FLOWERS" or "24 Hour Fitness" or "10,000 Maniacs". You can however launch the browser and search for these terms from there.

    I do have a partial workaround. In Universal Search if you precede the search term with a period and a space and do a Google search, it works because the Google ignores the lone dot. For example search ". 3com" instead of "3com". May not work with Wikipedia or Twitter though.

    Second issue: Universal Search and even a search from within the Contacts app does not find names in the Spouse field of a contact. Probably not from the Children or Nickname field either. So when you search, you have to search for the "main" name.
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    I believe now that the issue of Universal searches for terms starting with symbols or numbers i.e. the Orange key is a deliberate feature. It turns out the Orange key in Launcher or Card view can be used to dial a speed dial entry. For example if you assign M as a speed dial key for your mother (of course) you can dial it by typing Orange-M-enter from Launcher or card view. (Ironically this doesn't work in the Phone app.) This is why the Orange key doesn't work in Universal Search. It's pre-empted by speed dial.
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    Hold down the orange button when typing the search term and you'll have no issues.
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    Nice one! I read about holding down the orange key earlier today, but never made the connection.

    What makes me chuckle is some poor engineer at Palm foresaw this use case, worked out a solution and coded it all up, and it never even made it into the user manual! Here's to you, Mr. Palm engineer!

    Here's an update on my other issue, re searching contacts for spouses and children. I've confirmed they aren't searched. However I just read in the documentation that the Nickname is searched. So a workaround for now is to put one name, e.g. the spouse's name, in the Nickname field so it will turn up in a search. Or give each spouse their own contact card.

    From the manual, p. 134:
    Find a Contact
    1. Open Contacts .
    2. Enter any of the following:
      • First, middle, or last name.
      • First and last initial (no space between).
      • Company.
      • Nickname.
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    I've discovered that speed dial works in the phone app, but only if you have show contact matches turned off, which seems a little dumb to me. They could have had a press and hold be a speed dial and a normal button push be contact matches.

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