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    I did a search and didn't find anything about this. Also, I was going to post this in the FAQ thread but it's here goes.

    I keep getting SMS messages from "6245". Instead of the contact's name, like with other texts, it says an email address. Then the message is some nonsense about something random like a trip to Hawaii and there is a link following that. I get 5-15 messages like these a day and it is quite annoying. I have all of them deleted right now, but when I get another one I will add a screen shot.

    My question is how do I stop these? And is anyone else experiencing this?
    Can't wait for the updates!!
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    get on to and you will be able to block any number or short code after you sigen into your account ont here i had the same issue a while back on my blackberry after i blocked it i had no more issues
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    Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
    Can't wait for the updates!!
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    Yeah so I called Sprint Customer Service and the guy said he would block this number "6245". I stopped receiving the junk mail for about a day, but now it's back to like 30 junk texts a day. He also told me I could reply stop, or unenroll to the message and it would stop it that way. Well I tried that and I receive an error message saying improper recipient code or something. What do I do now?
    Can't wait for the updates!!
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    I could be wrong but I NEVER, EEEEVER reply to unsolicited messages of any type.

    By the way, if I ever meet someone who actually admits to being a spammer I will seriously hurt them and not feel bad about it.

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