I have a couple frustrations regarding the Pre's email/calnedar system.

1) I have both a Yahoo and Gmail account. Yahoo is my main account, where Gmail is mostly used for junk mail. I would like to be able to access both account through the Pre email system, but only want to be notified when I receive a email in Yahoo account
-I have turned off smart folders
-I have "Show notification" on for Yahoo mail
-I have "Show notification" off for Gmail mail

I still get notifications for both Yahoo and Gmail? What am I doing wrong?

2) I have an exchange account at work and would merely like to have access to my work calendar. I do not want contacts or email access via Pre. Can this be done? When I first set up my calendar it atomatically created mail account. When I deleted mail account it deleted calendar account. Can you simply have a calendar account without also having mail account on the Pre?