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    When I bought my phone, the Sprint rep told me I could get 20% off 2 accessories next time I came. Does that mean I have to buy 2 accessories, or can I just buy 1? Also, are there any stipulations?
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    you buy 2 and get 20 percent off
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    I'm on a wait list, too. I was told by Sprint rep that I could buy the Touchstone at 20% off when my phone comes in--with no other accessories purchased. We'll see.
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    Yep I got the 20% off for two touchstones, a stereo bluetooth headset and two of the cool leather couches with the ejection strap (best leather case I've ever owned for a phone by the way). Just buy two accessories and you're golden.
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    does this work if you buy a matte backplate and a standalone touchstone?
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    Any two accessories. This is a Sprint thing, not Palm, so you don't have to buy Palm branded merchandise. Like Auberon, I picked up a Touchstone & the leather hip case. I was prepared to use my Premier 25% off coupon for the Touchstone but the 20%x2 was a better deal and I still have the coupon to use on something else (before Sept. 30).
    - Fushigi

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