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    Mine is 5/20/09. No problems.
    My husbands is 6/19/09. No problems
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    6/6/09 and not a lick of trouble.
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    04.24.09 .... no problems... (pre release build)
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    On my Third pre today. This one has a manufacture date of 06-20-09. The slider is really great but I have 2 stuck pixels and some light leakage. I am thinking that I would rather have a better build and deal with the screen issues.
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    Purchased 7/1/09 ... warranty date = 6/17/09
    Yellow Box
    Has a little screen wobble and backlight on keyboard is not consistent, but otherwise great
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    How do you find the manufacture date?
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    Purchased 6/30
    Warranty date 6/22
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandrocker View Post
    How do you find the manufacture date?
    Read the first post:

    Press ##786# on your phone
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    Warranty : 6/22/09
    Purchased from Best Buy 6/30/09

    This is my third Pre. First one was a launch unit so definitely made before 6/1/09.

    1) A few dead pixels which aren't noticeable except on startup.

    2) The slider is nice and tight.

    3) The main issue I've seen in this new one is the backlight on the keyboard isn't evenly spread. The middle keys (T,Y,G,H,V,B) are much brighter then the outer ones.

    Something that may be of interest is that the 3rd one I have feels much more solid than the previous two, but it seems to weigh less.
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    Warranty Date: 06/19/09
    Purchased: 06/29/09

    Everything seems good, so far. I have one stuck pixel that I just cannot seem to fix. Also, when I'm in Apps catalogue, the bottom of the screen looks cloudy. I figure this is just from the quick launch bar kind of bleeding through, but it does distract me a bit. I don't notice that cloudiness on anything else I'm running, though...
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    Warr date - 06-26-09
    purchase date - 06-30-09

    Not a single problem.
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    Wife's: 5/31/09 1.02 - Perfect condition. Tight slider, no loose screen, no dead pixels, bright keyboard backlight.

    Mine: 5/31/09 - 1.02 - (1st) - Everything WAS perfect like my wifes, then WHAM.. the touch screen just stopped working. It was still on and I could see everything but wouldn't respond to any touches.

    (2nd): 1.02 6/16/2009 - When slider is closed screen has MASSIVE wiggle to it. I can litterally lightly shake the phone from side to side and it sounds like there is a marble inside.

    (3rd): 1.02 6/16/2009 (got it today) Same problem as second. Now I am waiting for my third.
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    5/21/09 - Love it, no hardware issues.
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    5/26/09- No problems and bought it on day 1
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    6/25/09 Here no issues love it.
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    warranty date 6/27/09
    no problems

    of corurse just activated 7/2 so.....fingers crossed
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    6.27, activated today. I have a very slight oreo effect... hopefully it won't get worse...
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    warranty: 06/23
    bought: 6/30

    Some screen wobble, 2 dead pixels and creaking sounds between back cover and phone when typing.
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    04/25/09 (pre-production) - no problems, slider nice and tight, no cracks, excellent screen, did heat up a lot, but not as much after 1.0.3
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    My first Pre was purchased on 6/13/09 and had a warranty date of 5/30/09. My only complaint with this Pre is the side to side wobble. Hopefully they have fixed the problem. Otherwise I love this phone!
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