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    5/29 - No issues. I have seen the slight color blotch at the bottom but it's so unoticiable that it's irrelevant. You have to be looking for it to see it.
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    5/30 and no issues!
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    6/02. No problems other than a slightly loose slider.
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    Battery life was great the second day, but now is not as good.

    And I have 1 dead pixel on my screen.
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    5/28 and no issues besides minor wobble when the screen is closed. When opening up the back and removing the battery, you can see the sliding mechanism and it doesn't look like you can fix it.
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    6/1/09 wobble when closed, blotches on bottom when it gets hot
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    6/9/2009 - Not a single issue. I'm really obsessed with this thing.
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    6/13/09. Picked it up yesterday. All is fine so far.
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    06-09-09 this is my second one, first one had blotches on screen. no problems but it did give me a low battery notification after closing the keyboard? hoping it was a one time event and doesn't start crashing.
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    5/27/09 -- activated on 6/6/09 with 1.01. No problems.
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    5/25/2009 - Activated on 6/6/09.

    Aside from a slightly loose keyboard, no problems.

    I really do love this phone
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    ACTDATE: 6/20/09


    A little splotchyness on the screen bottom but I have a theory (:
    Everything else is much tighter thatn the first IIRC had a warratydatecode of 5/19/2009
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    5/27/09 - activated 6/6/09. No problems here!
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    06/13/2009 Activated 06/19/2009
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    This is a replacement for one that had the "crashing when slider closed" issue. Have to say that the new one feels a lot more solidly built.
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    No issues.
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    6/04/09 activated on 6/11/09

    very pleased so far, slight wiggle in slider but have had slider phones before that were way loose after a year but still worked perfectly.

    Battery life wasnt greatest at first but let it completely discharge and then charged overnight and now have had up to 3+ days of standby time(went out of town and forgot it at home DOH)

    Had the out of memory error before 1.03 update but that was after playing around online and trying a bunch of screen captures.

    I do a ton of web surfing and about once a week I clear out the cashe but that is more out of habit from a previous phone I had.
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    5/22/2009 on mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MicahDG View Post

    I have the loose battery / reset issue (currently macgyvered with wads of paper) and I believe I had 1.01 preloaded.
    . . .fire hazard?

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