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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    On or after 6/1? cause mine is 6/1/2009 and haven't had issues except for maybe the slider having a little give, but at this point I've probably opened the slider in a hundred different ways and 700+ times.

    Mine is 6/2 activated on 6/11.

    My slider (screen) has a little under an eighth of give when its closed clockwise from the center position and virtually no give counter clockwise (in either open or closed position).
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    5/26 got it on initial date and no issues...
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    5/22/09. No problems here.
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    Replaced my wife's 5/11/09 (light leakage at bottom of the screen, loose slider, battery/power loss crash issues) with a 6/08/09. So far so good. Slider is more snappy.
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    I just switched my old one for a brand new one today. The new date? 6/10. Phone feels more solid somehow. Definitely NO give on the slider anymore, but I think that'll change over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buyrihn View Post
    I just switched my old one for a brand new one today. The new date? 6/10. Phone feels more solid somehow. Definitely NO give on the slider anymore, but I think that'll change over time.
    Yeah give it about 1000+ slides and see what the result is, I think I remember my phone feeling very solid on launch day.
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    6/8/2009 - this was the replacement Pre I picked up yesterday.
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    one stuck pixel
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    slider starting to get loose, other than everything seems ok
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    6/7/09, bought on 6/11/09. No problems at all, slider works great.
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    no hardware issues thus far
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    6/06/09 and i bought it 6/09/09 yellow sprint box with 1.02 preinstalled
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    Date code 06/02/2009 bought 6/9/09
    got the slight yellow "blotch" in lower left corner
    and two halves sometimes "click" together in upper left corner when closed, i.e. a small gap in that corner until it goes together...
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    Date code 6/10/2009. (This is brand spankin new seeing that its 6/16).
    I exchanged my Pre today due to the Slider Mess (mine was extreme in wiggling) so the manager gave me another one that arrived today.

    Sad to say.. the slider is good now, no dead pixels, but i have extreme light leakage on the right side and bottom side of the phone, plus a huge light "blotch" on the top left hand corner... ARGH..... (QC still hasnt gotten the memo's yet it seems...)

    3rd times a charM?
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    5/10/2009 and have a little clicking noise in the top left corner.
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    Mine is 6/10/09 no problems here my first was 5/31/09 had a restart problem so got a new one=)
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    5/30 A few dead pixels that aren't noticeable except on black screens, kinda loose. My first pre which had discoloration in the corner felt a little better as far as the slider and keyboard went.
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    Mine has 5/20/09 with 1.01 and my wife's is 5/31/09 with 1.02. No issues with either one.
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    5/24/09 - two dead (not stuck) pixels which I only notice on a pure white screen, otherwise perfect
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    6/10/09 on my first one, got it yesterday and think its awesome. No issues that I can think of.
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