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    Quote Originally Posted by fugm View Post
    5/24/09. No problems at all, except the battery life sucks.
    Mine is the same on both things

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    5/9/09 and no problems at all.
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    5/26/ major issues have come up for me.
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    5/31/09 and Mine works fine
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    6-2-09 here. I swapped to this one on 6-8-09. I had the reset problem when closing the slider bar. I exchanged before word got out on the battery fix. No problems with the new one. Slider does seem a little sturdier.
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    Minor light bleeding on the bottom of the screen.

    Volume up button croaked yesterday.

    Interestingly, there is a RECONDDATE and RECONDSTATUS in that list.

    So anyone getting a replacement should be able to check to see if they got a refurb.
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    6/7/09 - no problems except working the plastic cover on the USB port ... took a bit of working (was quite tight) but now opens quite easily. Everything else on the phone is great.
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    5/27/09. No problems except battery life, which is improving and signal strength (which may be related).
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    5/9/2009, a bit of discoloration on the bottom part of the screen. Other than that, no issues so far!
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    So my Pre kept restarting if I slid the screen down too hard. I had one dead pixel and light leakage at the bottem of the screen. Wacky reception and other minor nagging probs. That model was produced 5/31/09. I called my sprint store today and they said bring it in so they can look at it. They said they had none in stock so they would be putting me on a waiting list. I took the phone in and left the store for about 45 minutes. When i came back they had a new Pre waiting for me! woohoooo The build date on this one is 6/9/2009. I havn't noticed any dead pixels or light leakage on the new one. The slider feels alot tighter as well. Feels like a much more solid unit. Im happy!
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    Mine says 06/04/2009, no problems so far thank God....
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    Mine is 5-14 has a bright spot top right half under the Ev and signal meter, about the size of a finger print, gets worse longer it's used and most noticeable with green background.

    Wife's is 5-26 no problems.

    :edit: wife's developed a bad twist, screen would shift side to side when cleaning, would rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.
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    5-30 - 2 stuck pixels only on a black background - un-noticeable on others. My previous one was 5/21 and it had a looser slider and Restart Required error.
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    Bought my pre on 6/10, warranty date of 5/30, yellow sleeve, 1.02 preloaded

    Getting loose when closed
    Battery hog with AIM on
    discoloring on bottom of screen
    and hot pixels on boot
    and weaker signal than my old A900 everywhere
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    5/29/09. Purchased from Sprint Store on launch day - no issues so far.
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    5/12/09 - no issues so far, battery getting better
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    Just got home from picking up a replacement Pre. The original one that was purchased on launch day had a date of 5/30/09 and had a horribly loose slider and sunken in power button. The new one I received today has a date of 6/10/09 and is perfect! The slider is very tight and build qulity is much better than the original. I hope this is sign that the Pres coming out now are of a better build quality as a whole.
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    5/24/09 and everything is ok except the slider does not spring up as quick. It does slide down nice thou... No dead pixels or dis-color but the device does get hot with heavey use. I'm scared to take it back and get one with worse issues like.... dead pixels or loose slider. My buddies is 6/4/09 and his slider is amazing! Quick to open and close. Very good spring! What do you guys think..?
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    mine is 5/31....can't believe they got it there for release on the am of the 6th! No problems but a few stuck pixels. Loving my pre!
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    6/9/2009, no issues except the battery barely lasting a day, and it has the 'sharp' edges (which doesn't really bother me). I suspect a software update will improve battery life.
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