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    6/1/09 Small discoloration issues but not too bad. Slider is ok i guess. I dont know what to compare it to. I keep looking at it all the time for fear that the screen has cracked but i think i am a little over concerned. lol.
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    I guess I have the oldest Pre on this thread .

    5/10/09 and absolutely no issues.
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    Mine is 5/30

    Only problem I have is the blotchiness appearing after watching YouTube for a while or some extensive web browsing.
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    5/31/2009 - No issues besides crashing when closing the keyboard.
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    I swapped out my 5/11/09 got a 6/08/09 today and *so far* everything is looking good Fingers crossed!
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    I'm on my second one, both manufactured on 5/30. The first one had more of a gap and clicked a bit (not enough to notice on regular use, but when I heard about it I realized it was doing it) and a really noticeable stuck pixel.

    The second one has no gap between the halves and two stuck pixels that can only been seen in certain lighting conditions and when you know what you are looking for. Overall seems better than the first. It does heat up with a bit of YouTube use, but I haven't pushed it for fear that it will get extremely hot or I will have the blotching issue.
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    05/09/09 and 5/20/09 - both bought at launch with 1.01 on them. No problems with either. Sorry TMPride, I've got you beat by one day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougDarden View Post
    05/09/09 and 5/20/09 - both bought at launch with 1.01 on them. No problems with either. Sorry TMPride, I've got you beat by one day...
    Mine's a 05/09/09 also with no real problems. One dead pixel and the signal issue (varying between 1 and 5 bars, but mostly stays in EVDO). Even with this the reception remains clear, with no dropped calls. In addition, the signal variance doesn't seem to affect my Pre's battery life.
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    Mine is 6/7/09. I was on the waiting list and picked it up on 6/11/09. No issues with screen (slight color bleed at the bottom, but only slightly noticable) battery life as good as my Centro, no hangs or crashes, touchstone charges very fast, phone gets warm after being on youtube for an hour and a half. Only complaint I have is EAS, cannot get my contacts, calendar or e-mails.
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    5-26-09 no problems
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    5/26 (My birthday!)

    Zero issues.
    VisorPhone Clone
    (Please do not thank me - I find it scary)
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    5/27 slightly loose slider but nothing else, very happy with my Pre.
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    5/30/2009 no issue to report.
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    Mine is 6/ good.....
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    5/9/09 the slider is a little loose.
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    Mine is 06/04/09. No gaps and everything feels solid. I do have a dead pixel but can only be seen if you are really looking for it. Otherwise I do not notice it at all. There is slight discoloration with the screen (blotches) but do not really notice it. Overall the phone has been great. I have only had it for a few days. Picked it up on the 13th. Switched from ATT (had the iPhone 2G and 3G models) back to Sprint. I was getting tired of ATT's price tactics and dropped calls. I was on Sprint before switching over to ATT. So I knew what the service was like. The data speeds are night and day! I am getting over 1Mbps versus ATT's 250-500kbps and I am in the Philadelphia area.

    - Garrett
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    Mine is 5/30/2009. Came with horrible distortion/clouding issues at the bottom of the screen. Everything else about the phone was perfect. I was ready to exchange the phone for a better screen, but I got worried about having other, more serious issues. 5 days later, the screen is virtually perfect. As mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, my screen has fixed itself.
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    06-02 here
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    5/22/09. My first one had the same date and had a really bad battery and heating issues, but my second Pre is wonderful!
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    Jimmie Geddes
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