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    i have had less than a week and need to take it back, but the shack is out of them. whenever i get/make a call the screen goes black and unresponsive. the only way to get it working is to reboot after a battery pull. when using headphones though it works perfect. i hope the shack gets them in soon.
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    12/21/09 - little overhang on the left side (probably normal!?!) bout a mm. other then that, great build
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    new off ebay - sprint - all orig pack - activated fine - blank recon date
    warranty date code 11/18/2009 - but it had version 1.0 in it?

    DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I just put - all seems tight and fine
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    Never had a problem.
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    My warranty date code is 5/22/2009. It's a refurb from Asurion. I'm hoping I an get them to replace it. When I use blue tooth, I get static if the phone is in my pocket or more than arms length away. On my original Pre, I could walk across the room with no problem. Also, it cannot stay connected to my home Wi-Fi router, and usually shows a weak Wi-Fi signal. My original Pre connected to Wi-Fi solidly.
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    I think I found one of the latest builds. I just bought a new Palm Pre for the gf and the date is: 5/21/10. Brand new. Not a refurb.
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    6/24/2009 .. Still my original .. No probs.
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    6/9/2010 (an insurance replacement). Recondstatus is no.
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    Insurance replacement. The 4th one in 2 weeks, they kept sending me Pres with dead pixels and nasty software issues (1 was so sluggish and kept logging me out of my palm profile). Now I have 4 more batteries and battery covers =D
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    Never had one! Bought mine used to begin with. I wasn't going to pay the price Sprint wanted for a phone that was already over a year old, so I hit Ebay. Just put the TEP on it.
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    mine I just bought off ebay for 50bucks: 08/11/09
    reconditioned 11/08/09 lol didn't last long but doin good now
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    Mines great. A little loose slider but nothing to cry over.
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    Mine's 07-09-09 and it's a launch day Pre. The motherboard fried and they replaced it n/c so it thinks it's newer than it really is. Kinda' like me when I get on a tennis court!

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