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    reviving thread a bit.


    Getting a new one due to stuck pixel that I am unable to get rid of and its in the very middle of the screen. Should be here Monday.
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    Mine is 7/24/09

    My power button somehow is kind of broken, it still works just harder to press, and alot more luna restarts lately.
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    1/3/10 here
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    My friends was 12/20/09 I believe.
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    no real issues.. couple of too many cards issues but other than that.. (its after running a game) nothing major
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    11/05/2009. One of the newer ones. No problems yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post
    Press ##786# on your phone

    It is the day your phone was manufactured...Mine is 5/16/2009.

    I have heard rumors of Pres made after 6/1 not having as many design/hardware issues....
    1/10/2010. No complaints or problems here.
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    Mine is 7/8/09!
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    Mine is 1/10/2010 on Verizon, I have double type issues and GPS issues. Outside of those two issues my phone is good.
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    08/13 - battery life sucks. Polarized glasses show hairline fractures in the plastic overlay of the LED screen.
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    10/21/2009 again lol as long as i don't have get another stuck pixel I will be happy because I know this batch was decent other then the pixel issue from my previous phone!
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    10/21/2009 Sprint Pre #5 for me. Best of the bunch so far.
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    Second Pre I got, August 15, 2009.

    Defective earpiece and speaker. But I think this might be a return since the box lid is upside down so it might've been opened before. Although recondition date is blank.
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    7/26/09 here..have a bad case of oreo
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    5/13/09. Original launch day. Many cracks and chips, but still going, somehow!
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    11/14/2009 no issues whatsoever. Running at 800mhz.
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    8/19/09 case seems to have no slop compaired to my june built return. This is a refurb though so no telling what got fixed.
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    10/14/2009...This is my 8th Pre and it feels the much more solid than the previous Pres. I hope it stays that way!
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