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    Here's a summary of my migration from Treo to Pre. Bottom line: I'm using my Pre for 90% of what I used my Treo for, but I'm still keeping my Treo around for a while.

    How does your experience compare?

    Functions I cannot migrate:

    1. Journal (KeyNotes and Shortcut5). Shortcuts too critical for this. Need to continue using KeyNotes.

    2. Clock+. No sound on Classic. Will try it after sound support comes out. Want to develop my own alternative.

    3. "Tethering." Nothing yet from June Fabrics or Cradlepoint. For now, commandeered my daughter's phone number, and activated my Treo with it. If there's no alternative by start of school, will have to get Sprint Mobile Broadband.

    4. KeyTasks. The tasks application on WebOS is lame. I'll continue to use KeyTasks and sync with Treo.

    5. Any DXTG documents that need to be synced (i.e. Glucose Readings). Waiting for a full DXTG for Pre from Dataviz or, hopefully a worthy competitor (hate Dataviz support).

    Functions that were migrated by native WebOS
    1. E-mail. Beautiful.
    2. Web Browsing. Spendid.
    3. Contacts management. Nice.
    4. Calendar. Very nice.
    5. Alarm clock. Built-in Clock application works pretty well.
    6. Text messaging. Pretty good.

    Functions migrated with third-party tools:
    1. Note taking. Most of my note-taking can be done with Evernote, except for journaling. Nice web integration. It would be nice to have some formatting and shortcuts (like date/time, and custom shortcuts) available on the pre.

    Functions migrated using Classic for WebOS
    1. Brainforest & Shadow
    2. MyBible & Memorize
    3. Morning Plan (DXTG+Brainforest)
    4. Nexus dictionary
    5. Turbopasswords (reference only). Will continue to sync with Treo, but transfer updated DB to Pre.

    Left to migrate to Classic:
    1. Tetris & Bejeweled. May not migrate these, waiting to see what comes out for Pre native.
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    I wasn't successful in trying to run TurboPasswords on my Pre. Can you share how you did it?
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    How did you get your memos from treo to evernote?

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