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    I dont like the way it shows up so i want to delete the group and just manually enter things and color code them. ive searched around and cant find anything related to this topic.

    if this is a dbl post, i apologize in advance. First post here for me.

    Thank you in advance...
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    Go into calendar, select the menu in the upper left corner, select preferences & accounts, scroll down and select the account you want to delete, scroll down to the bottom and there will be a "Remove Account" button.
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    when i select the account, it goes to a different option to remove.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chedda_chez View Post
    when i select the account, it goes to a different option to remove.
    Scroll all the way down, there should be 2 buttons to change login settings and remove.
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    Is this still true on 1.02? I don't see the option, and it won't scroll...

    This is what I do see. If I select my Facebook account, the next screen includes a "Remove Account" button. My problem is my Palm calendar is full of duplicates (one per item, thousands of them going back 10 years...). I'm hoping to delete and try again.

    When I click on my Palm profile, I don't get the "Remove Account" option.
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