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    My screen lock used to stay off when I was charging on the Touchstone as long as there was an application running like Pandora or Media player. Now the screen lock comes on. Anyone have an idea why this may be happening all of a sudden?
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    Im having the exact same problem.

    It used to not lock while on the touchstone charger. The only difference is that I bought a charger from Sprint and am using that now instead of the touchstone charging adapter and USB Cable from Palm, but I dont think this would make any difference.

    Very Strange Indeed.
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    My screen has always locked during charging because that's what it is supposed to do.
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    Mine will turn off, if that's what you mean, but not lock, in that I don't have to drag a lock icon up after pressing the power button - it just turns back on ready to use.
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    Mine also will not lock during charging. The button will still turn the screen off, but it won't lock. I don't have a Touchstone, I only charge with the USB cable plugged in to either the wall wart or my computer.

    This causes me one particularly annoying problem:

    I tend to charge my phone overnight. I've always used my cell phone as my alarm clock in the morning, and I continue to do so with my Pre. Now, when the alarm goes off, and the screen is not locked because the phone is charging, and I ham-handedly reach for the phone when the alarm goes off at 6:00 AM, I all too often accidentally hit "Dismiss" because the screen isn't locked.

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