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    So wait, you are upset with Sprint and Palm because you decided to buy a phone that was expected to sell out. We all knew that the phone was going to be VERY hard to come by. This is the way of the world for largely anticipated anything. They sell every last bit of it and deal with the defectives as best as possible. It happened with the Storm, and iPhone both. You knew this was a possibility. Way to think ahead.
    I bought a Pre on day one-- waited in line before the store opened and everything. I discovered problems with the screen and reception within a few hours and went back to the store immediately. They were already sold out which didn't surprise me, but they also had no units on hand for replacements of defective units which did. Sorry, but that's not how to run a business unless your motivation is purely greed at the expense of customer good will.

    I was put on the waiting list for an exchange that first morning but a week later I still was without a replacement Pre (although they seemed to find some Pres to sell to new customers on the waiting list). I should not have to wait more that a week to replace a defective product.

    So finally (yesterday) I simply flat out returned my Pre to the Sprint store for a full refund. I then went to an independently owned store and bought a new one. While the corporate owned stores in my area all told me they had no Pres for my exchange, the independently owned store had Pres in stock right there!

    I'm glad I did it this way too because it was really grating on me that I was using up my trial period waiting for Sprint to get around to giving me an exchange. Now I have a new Pre right now and my trial period starts over.
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    Let's be realistic here, even if it was working you'd have to have tiny Tim fingers for it to register anyways. I rarely have been able to get it to work on the first try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    ...just out of curiosity what color was your box? Mine was white and I seem to have no issues whatsoever...
    Mine was the white box (think they all are white) with the black wrapper. I had to update mine to 1.02 OOB.
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