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    Moto S9-HD.....
    Pros: good audio. Great bass. Seem robust. Pairs easily and quckly with the Pre. Beep confirmations of controls are loud and obvious. Easily donned.
    Cons: don't stay in my ears, need to push in every 5 min. A little uncomfortable. Earbuds too big for my ears, even the smallest ones. Non-flexible neckpiece means problems during exercises like benchpress (puts pressure on ears)

    Altec Lansing Backbeat 906....
    Pros: fit snug in ear canal. Sounds better due to good fit. quick pairing. Flexible cord for neckpiece means no deformation during exercises in the supine position. Charger has dual micro usb so you can charge them and the pre at the same time!!!!!
    Cons: look a little more like hearing aids than the moto. Beep confirmations not as loud. The 906 comes with ipod bt adapter; get the 903 instead. Not as easily donned as the moto.

    I am keeping the altec lansings. Very comfortable and I don't have to fiddle with them to keep them in my ear every 5 min or during supine exercises. Wanted to try the LGs and the samsungs but neither were available in my area.
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    I have the "903s" and they work great for me! Very comfortable and much better IMHO than the Motos since the Motos are so rigid. The Moto's ear pieces were actually too large & don't rest on my ears correctly. The Altec Lansings fit great and snug and rest on my ears perfectly. You can move your head around and they stay in place. The sound quality is very good and very loud (if you want) during phone calls - sound out of both ear pieces. I don't know if the Moto S9-HD has sound in both ear pieces during a phone call because the old version did not.
    I recommend the Altec Lansings Backbeat 903. Look around, you can find them on the net - cheaper than suggested retail.

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