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    Hi everyone, has anyone used there Pre until the battery totally dies out then puts it on the touchstone to charge then the big red battery comes on but it doesn't charge? And also when you use th Pre till the battery dies when you charge it back up the volume for flicking apps off the screen lowers? Anyone had any two of these problems?
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    I saw a thread on here about the volume thing, but as far as your other problem, I had a similar, but very traumatic experience.

    the battery died, and when plugging it into the wall, all I got was the giant red battery, and the phone would do nothing, even after letting it charge for 2 hours. I eventually resorted to removing the battery. Others have had this issue as well.

    I made a thread about it on the official palm forums here:
    never let your battery die - unacceptable bug - webOS Hardware - Palm Support Forums
    neathings - neatˇthings and apps for webOS
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    Thank you guys for your very informative replies. I don't know if I should take it back and get a new one within the 30 days or just stick with this one and see if they fix it
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    I had the same issue - my phone died and I got the giant battery on screen. I pluggled it in for about an hour until I noticed that it wasn't charging. I then had to remove the battery and then it booted up and charged. lame!

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