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    When I got the Pre, I ported my number in from ATT. If, within my 30 day trial, I decide to cancel the Pre, can I first port my number out? I heard that within 30 days you can not do this... Is this the case?

    If I decide to return, I would obviously not want to wait until after 30 days because then I will be responsible for the ETF fee from Sprint.

    Anyone done this? Any issues?

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    You won't have a problem porting back out to AT&T within the first 30 days. I actually had to do this after my first Pre failed (touch screen died) and I couldn't find an immediate replacement Pre. I just ported back out to my former AT&T account so I could have a working phone until I was able to find another Pre.
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    I was told since the Pre had not been returned yet that the port would be denied from Sprint.

    Again, IF I decide to do this, do I need to return the Pre to the Sprint sture before the number is ported?

    Thsanks much.
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    I too am wondering this. I ported my number from AT&T and don't expect to return the Pre but in the event that I do it must be prior to the 30 days so I am also wondering how this will be done. Maybe I will pass by my local Sprint store and see.
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    well, if you go to at&t's check portability status, and enter in your number, it will tell you if the number is eligible to port. I don't know if there are other restrictions, but according to that you should be okay (I ported from at&t also, and just checked my number)

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    You'll be fine. If you take the Pre back before you port, there's a chance that the Sprint Rep may cancel your account when they return the phone into the system. If they do that, you cannot port. Just call ATT customer service and do the port. Once it's complete, take the Pre back and tell them you already ported your # out.

    I just ported back to ATT yesterday and returned the phone today. It's no big deal. In fact, I did the entire port process on my Pre. In all, it took about 3 hours for my ATT phone (E71) to be fully functional....but I had some sort of billing hiccup.

    Good luck.
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    +1 for deviant's comment. You can, and should, port your number back to AT&T BEFORE you return the Pre to Sprint. Otherwise, you run the risk of Sprint canceling your account before you call AT&T for the number port, and your number could be lost by then. There is absolutely no issue with porting out before returning your equipment. That's actually the recommended procedure, as equipment returns usually result in immediate account cancellation, and you need the account to still be active in order to port back out to AT&T. Porting out will close your account with Sprint, and then you can return your Pre within the first 30 days to get your full refund.
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    I ported from ATT hindsight I should have signed up w/Sprint, THEN ported over (if I decide to keep the Pre).

    So, here I sit kinda missing my BB Bold. I noticed when I ported from ATT, my account was canceled. I just checked the eligibility link posted above and it says "We're sorry, your number is ineligible."

    Huh? If I call ATT and ask them to "reinstate" my account/port my number back from Sprint, will I have to re-sign another 2 yr contract? Is porting back even possible?
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    You will be able to return to AT&T without a problem if that's what you decide to do. Depending on how recently you ported out your number, there might be some lag time on their porting eligibility web page. A customer service rep would be able to get things working on the phone though.

    As long as you still have your Bold, they can probably reinstate your old account terms. I believe you have 60 days to come back to AT&T with them restoring your old account. After that, I believe you'd need to come in as a new customer with a new 2 year contract.

    Just to be sure, give them a call, tell them what you're thinking about doing, and see what they say.

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