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    After reading many of the major reviews, here is a list of criticisms and things that people seem to want in their Palm Pre, in no particular order:

    1. Universal Search through contents
    2. Ability to Universal Search from within any app
    3. Custom Universal Search plug-ins
    4. More IM clients (e.g., ICQ, MSN, Skype, Yahoo!)
    5. Video recording with instant upload to YouTube
    6. Automatic camera macro mode using proximity sensor
    7. More camera settings (e.g., ability to change resolution)
    8. Adobe Flash support
    9. DivX/XviD support
    10. Track search forward/backward within podcasts
    11. Built-in Internet radio with SHOUTcast support
    12. Music skips under heavy multitasking
    13. Synergy support for Yahoo! and MSN
    14. Synergy filtering (e.g., don't import "limited profile" Facebook contacts)
    15. Synergy auto-linking IM and email contacts
    16. OTA backup all settings, including ringtones and IM-email contact links
    17. PIM syncing through iTunes
    18. SDK with hardware level access
    19. Faster Photos app
    20. More robust email app
    21. Better predictive text entry (e.g., double space = period)
    22. Spellchecker
    23. Soft keyboard
    24. Portrait & landscape modes in all apps
    25. Better memory management
    26. Copying & pasting of text outside of input boxes
    27. Tethering
    28. Downloading song from Amazon MP3 Store via EVDO
    29. Transparent VoIP dialing when in Wi-Fi range
    30. Speakerphone clips when set to maximum volume
    31. Clock screensaver when charging via USB
    32. Ability to change 5th Quick Launch icon (Launcher)
    33. Search text in browser
    34. Voice dialing/navigation/control (e.g., Nuance VSuite)
    35. Text-to-speech (e.g., Nuance RealSpeak)
    36. Visual voice mail
    37. Option to pick phone up to take a call using accelerometer
    38. Ability to flip phone over to switch to silent mode
    39. Ability to charge and use the phone at the same time
    40. Better keyboard sliding mechanism
    41. Center button to power on device and take calls
    42. Center button LED alerts
    43. Center button trackball
    44. Improved battery life
    45. Scratch-resistant screen/body like on Creative Zen MP3 players
    46. OLED screen
    47. Higher screen resolution (e.g., 640 x 480)
    48. Memory card slot
    49. 16GB and/or 32GB memory options
    50. More reliable USB port cover (or do without one entirely)

    If you guys have more to add to this wish list, then feel free to do so here. Of course I don't expect every item to be built into the next Palm Pre or updated webOS, but between Palm OTA updates and third-party apps I hope most will see the light of day in the future.

    Palm, are you listening?
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    - Support for Outlook categories
    - Ability to pick which Calendars are shown at the same time, not just one or all
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    I forgot to add this also:

    - Ability to sync Memos
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    - Contact "groups" and ability to send mass emails / sms to those groups
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    - Instant transfer of photo (taken from camera) and voice clip in IM client; this feature is currently in Agile Mobile and Palringo

    - Ability to download files in the browser
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    I just want to be able to change my sounds for my messaging like I had on my blackberry. That way I will know, by the sound, if I want to stop and check the message. I may want to read all text messages as they come in but not all email. I want text to have a different notification sound to I know it's a text....

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