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    Well if it feels good do it.
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    Now that I'm not driving (and using BT) while posting let me say that the phone does definitely have a better feel when opened. When opened I position my index finger directly across the headphone jack against the mirror. Kinda straight out so the tip ends up just under the Sprint logo. Since the phone is much thinner here when opened, it does feel better.

    But I still felt weird cause of my pet peeve, the mic not being located in the bottom portion (an engineering impossibility no doubt ). I don't want to be open to accusations of posing when the Pre is opened and I'm on a call. You guys have given me a couple of excuses though, especially universal search.

    But dig this. I've just been playing with the Plantronics test line number, 415-408-5288, using the phone both open and closed, and at 2:00 am anyway I can tell a distinct difference in the sound quality. I believe the open keyboard acts as an echo chamber of sorts bouncing your voice back to the mic. Only makes sense. It changes the tone for the better imho. With this newfound knowledge I can use the Pre open and hold my head high.
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    This sort of positioning is often used in car audio to direct sound torwards the driver. Sound will bounce and be redirected like water when it hits an object.

    I too sometimes slide it close expecting to hang up. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by metroff1 View Post
    Do you guys have the "show contact matches" turned on under your phone preferences? I was hoping that this would function like my touch pro where I could use T9 in the dial pad and it would bring up the name of the person. I really miss this function
    yeh so what does show contact matches do?
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    I personally prefer it closed. The main reason for this is that when its open, trying to hold it with your shoulder is harder; it wants to slip forward. When its closed, shoulder operation is just fine.
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    It is much better open!
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    i guess i talk with it open too. I dunno why, it sorta came naturally after I got my pre.
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    Ran into this today. Closing the phone definitely should end the call. It perfectly logical...
    Hopefully it can be added as an option.

    Oh yeah First post! In the near future I'll be posting my comparison between the Pre and the BB Pearl. I need more time with the Pre...
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    I've noticed that when I hold the phone between my shoulder and ear while the phone is closed it "creeks" really bad. The oreo affect which drives me nuts. So when I'm busy I talk with the phone open but when I have a free hand I prefer it closed.
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    I can go both ways....
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