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    Here is a link to a positive Popular Science review, it's good, yet the iphanboys are out in full force in the comment section.

    Three Things the Palm Pre Does Better Than the iPhone 3GS | Popular Science

    How do you know a product is good?
    When the fanboys get rabid, that's how.
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    Nice article. Kinda funny reading all those iPhone fanboy comments.
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    Reading the comments of that article, you get this mental picture of these Apple fanboys foaming at the mouth and pounding at their Macbook Airs.

    "I wish my lawn were goth, so it would cut itself." -unknown
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    Why can't they just be "different" and better at different things? I'm an admitted Palm fanboy, but for my 55 year-old coworker, the simplicity and big screen work well for him. He probably would get lost multitasking anyway.

    To each his/her own.
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    Wow those comments are the worst apple fanboy comments I have ever seen.
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    yeah that's pretty bad. Kids will fight to the death for the iphone. It's sort of sad actually.
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    Comment form site -Nothing. the iPhone is the best. Why in the world would a cell phone maker make a phone with a physical keyboard? It blows my mind. It's like going back in time.<<<<lol wow
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    That was quite funny. I don't understand people who place their entire self worth and all their self esteem into a mobile telephone. Wow; it just blows my mind.

    With that said, the Pre makes me cooler than the iSheep. I feel cooler with a Pre. lol.

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    It is funny.. people get revved up about all sorts of things.

    The iPhone is a really great device. It seems most of the Palm Pre users out here are windows fans as well. I cant stand windows, love the iphone, and love the pre as well.. Im actually on a 30 day trial with spring to try the Pre, and I might be ditching my 3G for it. I really love the OS and its potential.. but Palm needs to fix many bugs and the performance is mediocre, it feels like a beta release.

    It takes zero brain power to run the iphone, but it does an amazing job at being really simple to use and has a fantastic UI. There are a few things Palm could learn (and should steal) from the iPhone's UI; some of which were already done!

    Hats off to both phones, they are excellent! Just wish I could have them both on GSM so I could switch back/forth.

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