View Poll Results: If a new flagship Palm device (Pre-like, better mats) came out would u take the dive?

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  • No, I'm not spending more money with Palm...

    7 8.97%
  • No, the Pre works well for me!

    30 38.46%
  • Maybe, depends on price, regardless of

    18 23.08%
  • Yes, design and materials quality matter to me!

    23 29.49%
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    If PALM came out with a new flagship device, better physical quality and materials than the Pre, would you get it?
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    Pre 2 4G? I'm so there!
  3. cl191's Avatar
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    Depends on when are they going to do that. If they do that in 2 months, of course not. But if they do it in 1 year, may be.
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    when my contracts up then Yes I would. 2 years isn't a long time to use a phone.
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    You know they will its just a question of when...This isnt called Pre for nothing lol!....i can almost feel it when i hold the current pre in landscape mode and some nice roomy qwerty keys want to fall down into my hands...
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    12 months before I get "new customer" pricing from Sprint. Until then, the Pre is my phone (assuming they fix the Exchange issue before the return deadline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rburna View Post
    If PALM came out with a new flagship device, better physical quality and materials than the Pre, would you get it?
    If it felt more substantial, came with a better keyboard, expandable memory slot with the screen distortion issues resolved, yeah I would seriously consider it.

    That keyboard HAS to be comfortable, first and foremost.
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    If they came out with a Pre that was slighty bigger (keyboard) Id give this one away.

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    If it met my needs.
  10. UserOne
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    If it met my needs.
    ^Agreed... if it did what I needed it to do and the upgrades / improvements warranted the price, then sure I have no problems buying a new device. If its something like the whole 3GS thing then I don't think so.

    Just my .02... L8R
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    Yep, among the first with the 600, 650 and 700P. This one though is just not there yet.
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    Really it all depends on when they release it. I cannot really justify dropping serious change on a phone each time it evolves. If Palm adds a few tiny details to the Pre it will be just fine for me for quit awhile. I do nothing work related with my Pre and use it for keep in contact with friends and family through various mediums nothing more nothing less.
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    However, if you were one that needed a device that would fit work and pleasure needs, then I read the Pre does not fit both and in my situation, 1 phone just gotta make it both ways. It will be a while for me then. The Touch Pro meets my needs.
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    Depends on the carrier. With Sprint costing me a good 30-40% less than a comparable ATT or VZW plan I don't see myself leaving anytime soon. If the other guys get their act together and get more competitive on pricing I might think about it but so far all they seem to offer is phone subsidies which I don't really care about.
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    That's what the Pre was supposed to be. No. I would not go through this all over again on the hope that palm would get it right next time.

    I've passed up other phones and service plan opportunities in the months leading up to this phone.

    The updates had better fix the pre problems I'm starting to experience as I will not be wasting any more of my time and energy on palm if this device doesn't end up working like a palm should.

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