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    I got mine last Saturday, but my boss now wants one. I've called all my local Sprint and there is a waiting list in all of them, and I'm in a small city: Modesto, CA. Damn... this phone is HOT!!!!
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    Keep your boss interested and get him on a waiting list!
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    Yup, But get on the list if he wants one!
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    Yeah I was told Fresno,ca (my town) got less the 300 units city wide.
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    I'm a Premiere customer, but I decided to bypass the launch and wait a week or so to avoid the hype...

    boyee was I wrong. I'm looking at July before I can get one in my area...Til then, I'll be here.
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    Similar here in Virginia. We waited for the store to open on the 6th and bought 3 at 8am...and the store was crazy. I assumed that things would calm down in the coming days, but I was back at the store yesterday and they told me that they have a 5 day waiting list at the moment...and it is growing. That's got to be good for Palm and Sprint.
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    I walked in to a store outside of Birmingham, Al and bought one. They had 3 in stock, but they were receiving regular shipments. The manager said they were "going fast". YMMV,
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    I went into the new Best Buy in Bastrop TX last night. Yesterday was their opening day. They got 1 Pre to sell and there's a waiting list of 40 already.
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    Try calling the Radio Shacks in your area thats where i got mine!
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    a friend of mine put her name on the waiting list at the sf mission street sprint store last thursday 6/11. she's #121 on the list!

    the fisherman's wharf radio shack hasn't gotten their stock yet. i let the staff check my pre out, as they hadn't seen one in person. that felt a little backwards!
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    I have the ability to order and ship Palm Pre's Nationwide as a National Account Manager for a Sprint BSP. Call me if you need any or have any questions regarding the Pre or Sprint in general.

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    I got put on the waiting list Monday June 8th at my local store in Erie, PA. I was told that they'd be in on Friday June 12th. I called Friday and was told that it would be next week sometime when they came in but that I was on the "call list" not a waiting list. They'd call me when they came in but I wasn't guaranteed a Pre. That stinks!

    I'm in an even smaller town and none of the radio shacks in my area, even GOT any Pre's. Guess I'll wait some more!
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    I went in on release date showed interest they put me on top of their list 3 days later first shipment they got.. They gave me a call with pre waiting for me and my name on the box. Pretty sweet.
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    Hey all the new subscribers go sprint... Lets save 25 bucks off our bill for a month PM lets set up a reffer a friend thing

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