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    I really wanted to like this new pre but it fell short in a few areas.

    Features I really like
    1. iphone like interface is really intuitive
    2. camera pics are excellent especially with the flash
    3. ability to play youtube videos
    4. standard headphone jack....finally!
    5. larger screen and ability to view in landscape or portrait
    6. endless apps that will no doubt be coming
    7. ability to synch with itunes

    don't get me wrong I'm not bashing the pre but there are some things that may push me back to a Treo

    1. battery life is number one. hopefully there is a fix coming asap. also what's up with the heat?

    2. keyboard is a little small. if a virtual keyboard app comes out this might be useful for those quick IM's/SMS without having to slide the keyboard out

    3. there is a lot of excitement about the ability to multitask....I was already doing this (to some extent) switching between email, calendar, notes, tasks with the shortcut keys. I was getting a full day and a half of heavy use on my treo 755P

    4. if I left a webpage and came back the treo would resume where I left off. web pages were automatically sized. I find myself spending a lot of time pinching in/out just to get the webpages right on the pre. I was able to jump to bookmarks quickly using my short cut key where on the pre it takes much longer.

    5. treo had the ability copy n paste from within webpages. I could also click on a number in a email or webpage and put a *67 in front to block my number when dialing

    6. I could specify which reply to address to show in versamail very helpful

    7. signal strength seems a little spotty I never used to get drop calls until this new pre

    8. why does the screen turn off when I put the phone to my head? it takes about a sec to see the screen in case I need to refer to a contact or note. also they should of had the dialpad remain on the screen as a default for when you need to key in numbers i.e. voicemail, account numbers, etc

    9. never could figure out how to log out of IM

    10. although it's a new interface I found that it took much longer to do things that I could do easily with the old interface using the favorites. the 755P just seemed way more responsive and I could find things fast

    a lot of these may be little issues compared all the other stuff we are gaining. when the SDK is released I'm sure there will be hundreds of cools apps. for me the list I provided are just practical every day stuff I need. playing videos, synching with itunes, cool iphone like navigation, gps, sprint tv are nice to have's but not critical.

    I also think Palm made a HUGE mistake not giving us the ability to synch natively with outlook. If you remember what made Palm great was their simple PIM application! I don't think they realize how many of their current customer base are business users and how many of their customers are actually using outlook. I think they were really focused on trying to draw new customers with all these snazzy new features. Palm please give us back the ability to synch locally with outlook/palm desktop!!

    everyone has to draw their own conclusions for me the treo 755P just feels more solid and I am able to do 1 handed dialing, navigation with no issues. if they can squeeze a webos lite version into a 755P form factor then we might have something!

    I really wanted to like this new pre and I think it is ground breaking but somethings I just can't overlook. my universe has been restored!!
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    Well, congrats on both getting your universe back and in eloquently stating your reasons without outright bashing. Thanks.
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    Don't throw the phone away just yet, keep it if you still have it - updates are on their way. Most of the things mentioned can be fixed by way of a phone update or app.
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    Someone on this site mentioned that previous Palm users may NOT be the target audience for this device. Coming from the Instinct; the Pre will definately be a step up for me..
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    It matters not who the target audience is. You just have to want to adapt to change. Some people can others it's more difficult. I had the 755p too and I still think the Pre is head and shoulders above it. That's just me though. I learn something new everyday on my Pre and one thing my battery is always getting better. So I'm very happy.
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    Adapt to change is the key. I came from an instinct and a 700wx. I don't regret my decision at all about the upgrade - and am looking forward to what the future will bring.
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    the outlook sync was released 5 days after launch, i suspect that Chapura was consulted the whole time and this was done to open a market to them.

    Wifi sync is pretty slick...out of my 10 palm pre users, 1 uses this feature the other 9 of us are on exchange server.
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    as a bonus I found my bluetooth headset (missing for months) it was laying in the trunk near the spare tire!

    I adapt to change very well and I am an early adopter so I know there will be some things that are missing or unreleased in the initial release. some of the problems I outlined can be fixed with patches and new apps. however some things just have to do with the physical form factor. I get over 100 emails a day and use 3000 minutes a month so I am on my treo constantly.

    I am on my treo 755P and my productivity has skyrocketed 1000%. I am able to jump between apps using the favorites buttons and the 5 key navigation speaks for itself.

    I will keep watching the threads. I agree different strokes for different folks. you don't know what your missing or what you have until you start using different devices.

    for now I am sticking with my 755P and outlook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greatdeals View Post
    if they can squeeze a webos lite version into a 755P form factor then we might have something!
    why? all the bad stuff you name about the Pre are about WebOS, not the hardware. in fact, you say the good stuff is in the hardware (better camera, larger screen, headphone jack)

    so guessing from your post you would be better off having a Pre with PalmOS on it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to write that.. i'm sure most of it will be dealt with eventually. I to have some issues with the phone.. #9 AIM seems to login or ping out sometimes.. i know this because i have AIM up on my desktop and suddenly it says... you are now logged in multiple times.

    But coming from being a beta tester for the Blackberry Stormm this phone is MUCH better out of the box.. meaning it does have problems.. but not nearly as many as the storm.
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    I was out on a day trip yesterday. We used turn by turn (for about 30 minutes) to navigate the last part of our trip. Managed to take 49 pics and upload them all to facebook. By 5pm I still had 52% battery

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