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    A lady in the row in front of me at a concert held hers up to take a picture, I tapped her on the shoulder, also a customer at work had one, former iphone user, said he liked the Pre much better.
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    i was just thinking to myself today, that its been a while since i have seen another in the wild. and im upto 7.
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    was getting a new pair of glasses and the guy helping me had one...only one i've seen other than mine and my brother's
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    A lady on my softball team has one, thats the first I've seen in the wild...
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    Property manger of my apartment complex has one & so do Sprint stores ;-]
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    one of the guys from work has one. thats about it.
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    Still haven't seen one, but everyone asks me about it. Is that the new PALM.

    Me: Yep! Wanna touch it?

    And I did have some cute girl practically jump me at bestbuy is was a employee, saying OOOO you have a the pre. Should have got her number, but I was with a client.
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    I've seen 3 but technically 1 you could say

    One is my neighbor who is also a gadget guy and owned a treo 755p like me prior, so of course he text's me like did you get the new pre? and my reply: Sure did! :P he thought he had one up on me.. next day we compared notes and told him about the forum

    The second was a guy who works out at the same gym. I think he just got it cus it looks cool but we compared notes.. not many on his end but, "i love it but the battery sucks" funny thing is he was charging it up at the gym lqtm

    and then the last was at a Club I saw a random chick texting on it so I walked over and said hey thats the pre.. how do you like it and shes like I love it! and im like cool and walk off. Ten minutes later I see her flashing pics of her and her friend in the club and its bright led flash so I walk over again since shes having a tough time and I say, you know you can just hit the space bar to take pics? its much easier... so she tries it and then walks over to me and says hey thanks! wait you have this phone too? I smile and say yes (feeling like the man) and proceed to chit chat
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    My assistant at work bought one before I did.

    Then earlier this week, I was working at a site and one of the employees there had hers sitting on the desk.
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    I haven't seen any in the wild until I went to a meeting for Broadband stimulus funds last week in Minneapolis. Sat down next to two guys from a suburban fire department. I pulled my phone out to look at email and the one guy said 'Gotta love the pre". He said their fire department has switched to them. In addition, I saw at least three others in the audience.

    Don't see many, but everyone that sees mine asks about it and if it is available on Verizon (who has a majority of the subs/coverage in my area). After one of my clients (linux guru) saw it and heard about it, he went out to ebay and purchased one just to play with.
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    I have yet to see one in San Antonio which is a good thing. It's made the wait til August 1st a lil more bearable.
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    ok after nearly 2 months I have now seen 20+ plus pres. I stopped counting them now.
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    I formed a group of people to get together and play music. One guy who showed up saw that I had a Pre, and he said he and his wife both had one. The whole rest of the night, when we heard a notification sound we looked at each other and both checked our phones.
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    I've seen one other one. He seemed a little hesitant to show me until I showed him my shiny new pre. He said he got such a hard time from people who owned iphones. He said that it has fortified even more his hatred for apple products. Actually one of the reasons I got myy pre was to be a little different.
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    Somewhat off-topic but ironically for as much as the IPhone is supposed to be owned by so many people, I think I know 1 person with an IPhone and I never see people walking around with them.

    As far as the Palm Pre, I haven't seen anyone I didn't know with one.
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    Still a no go for me, I guess technically the only ones I've seen were the other 3 ppl in line with me on launch day.
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    No Pres spotted in the wild for me yet.
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    The Goat's seen a lot in San Antonio and Kerrville!

    The Goat spreads the word about how awesome his phone is in Kerrville though. All 7 people who I know who own them have been sold them by me. I demo my phone a lot when I bartend. Everyone wants the bartender's phone... Because I'm super cool...

    Or I like to wish.
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    i have seen more than 50 here in ny most i seen for a day was 10 in manhattan on my lunch break. it seems as if when i pull out mine everyone else around me feels safe to pull out theirs. when im around iphone users on the train they tend to look as if they wanna take it.
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    I'm in SC, USA and I saw a guy in line at the local grocer a few registers over the week after launch with one. Didn't speak to him, just noticed the Pre.

    Also, my g/f said she's seen a half dozen or so. She travels around the state for work and, in general, just gets out more than me. <lol>

    And ya know, while I've seen people them, I don't know a single person with an iPhone and iOwn three Macs.
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