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    five pres in the wild

    last 3:

    on the street where i work
    on the 1 train
    at yankee stadium yesterday.
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    1 pre at a post office. The guy was flipping out about not being able to type fast enough to his wife... I had a giggle or two.
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    One in the "open" position held by a texting-like-a-fiend teenager as we passed each other walking through Border's Books. It's the only other one I've seen in the wild.
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    Never seen one in the wild, aside from my own a lot.
    Number of Pre's in household: 2, one for my wife and one for myself.
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    I was playing outside with my kids and checking an email when a little girl, about 8 or 9 came up and said, "Hey, I have that same phone." Kinda knocked the cool factor down a notch. Still an awesome phone, but now it's like a banana split with a little dollop of poo on top.... something not quite right.
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    I was in the book store's starbucks and I kept hearing the pre ringtone go off and I kept checking my phone, finally I say "**** this phone... Keeps turning off now its ringing on its own... (and so on...)" and this kid turns around and says "oh sorry bro I didn't mean to bother anyone with my ringer"

    After story: I got my pre replaced and its perfect!
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    my girl and my coworker
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezalis View Post
    I still haven't seen another one since waiting in line on launch day. 80,000 people at Bonnaroo the next weekend and only saw iPhones and Blackberries. However, everyone turned their head when my arms raised up out of the crowd to take a picture with my pre.
    OhMyGosh.... Do I see a possible Pre commercial?

    Reproduce the . Black and white view, with the following changes:
    • Instead of everyone looking like downtrodden workers from a concentration camp, they would be dressed yuppie style, all with matching hairstyles.
    • Instead of the big screen brainwashing guy, there would be a band on the stage performing that nasty techno-crap sounding music
    • All the iYuppies are holding up their phones taking pictures of the band

    Then... one lone casual looking guy - wait, no nix that. The bouncy girl in the original Mac commercial was too eye-catching to do away with - one lone looking hot girl in jeans and a midriff shirt raises her Pre to take a picture. Of course, she's in color.

    And they all turn to look. The music segues to a hard rock intro as the color expands and the phones morph to Pres.
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    haven't seen one person yet.. i've had the pre for about a month now
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    Guy on the boat with us on the Fourth and that's it.
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    Damn come to think of it I've seen no one else. I'm actually hoping to meet someone so we can discuss.
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    The Monday after launch I was having lunch with some co workers and I had my Pre in my hand when a guy from another table walked past and he commented that he also had bought a Pre. Other than that their is a girl I went to HS with who has one, but she ended up taking it back.
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    I was just on a flight from Salt Lake City & the college student sitting next to me had a Pre--just got it a week prior & said he really liked it.

    I have had a number of people ask me about the Pre, though only a couple recognized it immediately. I was happy to demonstrate it for all.

    Also was listening to Pandora strolling through San Diego about a week ago, texting a friend & learned--through the texts--she had also just bought her Pre. Pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMoney749 View Post
    Guy on the boat with us on the Fourth and that's it.
    Bahamas celebration? at the information desk?
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    Just got back from a 2 week jaunt in europe. 2 things were very apparent to me.

    1. No one has an Iphone in europe and that made me happy and i saw one other person fiddling with his pre trying to find a wifi connection at a dunkin donuts in berlin.

    2. People in europe dont use there phones or blackberries as much as americans do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvious View Post
    Bahamas celebration? at the information desk?
    Bahamas? I wish!

    No, just on the bay here in SoCal.
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    I heard the notification at lunch today - looked over an the whole table had Pres. It was pretty cool.
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    Saw a Pre at the Orange County(FL) Courthouse about a week ago. I had one guy ask me waiting in like a t the grocery store " Is that the Blackberry Storm" To which I gave him about a 3 minute Demo that this was a Pre... and Had a 15 Year old girl ask me "is that the new Sprint Phone from the commercials."
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    Seen a young woman with one at my brother's high school graduation and another lady carrying one at this technology camp I was facilitating.
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    2 in the wild..

    1 was in the Best Buy

    1 in a local mexican eatery.. the notification sound kept going off, and I kept looking at my phone to no avail. I finally realized it was the guy behind me having a conversation via txt. As him and his lady friend were leaving, I showed him mine and asked him if he liked his phone so far - he said "****** yeah!". Nuff said.
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