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    I was reading the general user guide that came in the box (ik, I'm cool) and I read that palm may actually charge us for some of the software updates. Bummer, I remember them saying that all OTA updates will be free.
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    The user guide is talking about third party applications.

    Quote Originally Posted by Page 78 of the User Guide

    3. If one or more application updates are available, do one of the following:

    -Tap an individual application name to open the App Catalog. From the App Catalog,
    you can view application details and install that app (charges may apply; see “Use
    App Catalog to Shop for New Applications” on page 79).

    - Tap Install Free to install only those updates that you can download free of charge.

    - Tap Install All to install all updates available for download (charges may apply).
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    No this isn't from that user guide, its on page 3 of the "important safety and legal information" guide. It is specifically talking about palm software updates, check for yourself.

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