Got my Pre at the Sprint store on Claiborne by Broadway. It is a contract store, not owned by Sprint. I read that 'reservations' were not being allowed so I went in on Saturday to find all the Pre's were reserved; pre-ordered. I had been in schmoozing the week before and found that they hardly knew that the Pre was even coming; a week later and their shipment was sold out.

So I ordered one and picked it up on Tuesday. A car charger was $32! for a generic micro usb. Sheesh, but I needed one NOW. I'm driving a taxi all day.

My data coverage is not very good. I've been using a Treo755p and a Centro before that and never noticed lack of data; those phones do not specify EVDO tho, as the Pre does. My EVDO button is usually dark; sometimes it shows '1x'.

I showed the Pre to a passenger yesterday; he was newly here from Greece and knew about the Pre.