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    I have noticed that when my Pre starts to get very warm, it usually is because something I ran and closed is really not closed. I make this assumption because if the pre is getting warm or hot ( even after 30 minutes of doing nothing), I remove the battery, immediately replace it and power the pre up. The pre cools down almost immediately and does not get warm again for a few days.. Wish I knew what the heck it canít seem to close on its own....

    Palm??? Are you checking into this?
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    I was told to take the battery out when i rang sprint to ask about the screen blotching. It did clear up the screen slightly for a while at least...suppose until it heated up again. There may be something to the battery/heat issues...
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    I soak mine in cool water at night when its charging.

    It solved the heat issues.

    Actually, the device sometimes gets rather warm during a charge. Other times it stays perfectly cool - but it's never warm enough to affect the screen.
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    Hahaha! Xyg I just lol-ed

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