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    Sorry about that guys. the website is not mobile24. I left out the "s". That is what happens when Im not allowed to cut and paste. Let me know what you guys think of the site.
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    Dude get bitpim and use the mp3 editor. You can any favorite song of yours on your computer cut it to the part you want and save that piece as a .mp3 and use that. No need for all this other work.
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    Only con is you have to sign up or create a login...
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    all of my music is mp4. I dont want to go to the hassle of stripping out the mp3 then editing. this is just way easier for me. Im sure a trimmer is coming out soon for the pre. This is just something better than the stock tones.
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    Can you download straight to the pre from this sight?
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    Just make them yourself. Its easy on the pre. Grab audacity and use that to edit them if needed then just drag them over to your ringtones folder
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    Or you guys can try these codes at the sprint digital lounge:

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    I went to digital lounge and it only gives the option of call tones.
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    Xyg's guide to the perfect ringtone:

    Step 1) Open the Amazon MP3 store

    Step 2) Search for "Hollaback Girl"

    Step 3) Make sure you are in a WiFi zone

    Step 4) Purchase, download, and set your new MP3 as your Ringtone

    Step 5) Enjoy the friendly looks you get while on the bus, in line at the grocery store, and at restaurants every time your phone rings.


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