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    I know it passed FCC tests but I am concerned about the amount of frequency its blasting in my house. The typical home wifi router is 150-300 feet radius. Airave blasts a 5000 feet radius!

    I just don't want to grow a lump out of my head just to get 5 bars on my Pre.

    Heres the manual:
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    Airrave should be no different than a wifi router, you're okay
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    No it doesn't. It claims 5000 square feet. Big difference.

    The amount of RF pales in comparison to what you are being bombarded with every time you step out the door.
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    You could always do this:

    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    You are comparing apples to oranges.....5000 sq for the Airave vs 150-300 foot radius for wifi. If you do the math (A=pi*radius^2), wifi at 150 foot radius covers 70,683 square feet.

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