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    They also have 1.02 pre installed and the keyboard locks firmly in place as well.

    Can anyone confirm this?
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    excuse me I meant yellow box pres with the sunrise.

    My manufacture date is 5/16 with the flower box and have had a few minor issues...Thinkging about replacing it.
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    I don't know that anyone has confirmed that one box has better pre's in it.

    But you better be really good at making your 'minor issues' look major if you want to roll the dice and swap.
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    I think people that had exchange theirs said the phone had the same issues as the black and white boxes. Though, one person did say the keyboard felt better.
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    Within the first 30 days you don't have to have a good enough reason
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    didnt notice the pic on the box but mine did come with .02 installed.
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    My pre is dated 5/19 and it came with the white box, no slider problems for me ... keyboard feels the same as my old centro as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruppe3942 View Post
    Within the first 30 days you don't have to have a good enough reason

    Isnt buyer remorse fantastic! You have 30 days that you can return it for ANY reason/no reason at all!
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    can anybody confirm this?
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    With the amount of people that have exchanged their Pres, I chalk this one up as a rumor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vkitty View Post
    Isnt buyer remorse fantastic! You have 30 days that you can return it for ANY reason/no reason at all!
    He wanted to exchange it, not return it. I am pretty sure you need to have a good demonstratable reason to exchange it for another other than you feel like it.
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    My first Pre's box was black, had the big-orange-flower-backgrounded-Pre on the front, 1.01 OS, major slider/battery issues. Warranty date 5/11/09

    Second Pre's box is yellow with the sunset/beach-backgrounded-Pre on the front, 1.02 OS, no major issues yet. Warranty date 6/08/09

    I feel like the second Pre has much better manufacturing quality but since I had to hand over my old Pre to get it, I can't compare them side-by-side.

    When I replaced my Pre, I only had to tell them I needed to trade it for another one to get the process started. They didn't even ask me to demonstrate the slider / power loss issue.
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    My Pre and my wifes Pre came in white boxes and they both came with 1.02 preloaded. With this said, we have not had any issues with the slider, screen distortion, or dead pixels.
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    Could it be possible that the Pres in the white boxes had their OS updated automatically while they sat in their boxes? I seem to remember when the clerk took my Pre out of the box it was already on (not activated, though)
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    I hope we can get more people to confirm their situations to see if there is a correlation.
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    I hope this is true. My Wi-Fi stopped working so I'm expecting a call from Best Buy before Thursday.
    My slider sometimes "jams" but the keyboard, besides the backlighting, seems OK.
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    Mine came in a white box. 1.02 preloaded, have not had a single problem -- no dead pixels, no slider problems, no keyboard issues, great battery life (Took it off the charger this morning at 8am, typical use throughout the day -- couple of phone calls and some web browsing here and there and it was at 60% at 7pm).
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    I just exchanged my launch day Pre for a new one on Friday. I had a dead pixel, several hot pixels and my keyboard backlight was barely noticeable, so much so that one end of the keyboard didn't look like it had a backlight. I also had severe distortion at the bottom of the screen. The launch day Pre had to be updated to 1.02 and I thought the build quality was fairly decent. The one I received on Friday came with the yellow and translucent sleeve and came with 1.02 installed.

    I swear, the new one is faster and the touchscreen is more sensitive, but almost too sensitive. The keyboard is much better, IMO, compared to the first one and the kb's backlight is nice and bright. However, the build quality is not as good as the launch day Pre I returned, IMO. What were seams on the launch day device I would describe as gaps on the replacement. I compared it to my wife's launch day Pre and hers seems better put together. The power, volume and center button don't have very good feedback on the replacement, and the center button seems more recessed than the my first Pre.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have a white pre box with a "spring loaded" feeling keyboard with absolutely no problems. I had to update it myself later on 6/6/09 the day I got it. The battery was the only issue but it's gotten a LOT better since (16 hrs better!!)... I think that the people that got bad ones just got the bad cards in the deck. and when replaced the "good" feeling might just be either the previous phone's quality was poor and the new one was made right or, no offense, it could just be all in there head, which happens to me a lot. But I don't know if just one person can break your theory so maybe I just got the golden ticket one??
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    I replaced my launch day Pre (black flower box, already had 1.02, stuck pixel and gap between the halves) for one with the same manufacture date but in the yellow sunset box. The keyboard is definitely spring-loaded on the new one and although there are two stuck pixels I never notice them.

    As long as the heat generated by using YouTube doesn't lead to any distortion this Pre should serve me well.
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