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    Quote Originally Posted by Sica View Post
    I had put myself on waiting lists at 3 sprint stores and am thinking about attempting an exchange when one of the other two finally call. A Pre bought at a corp. store can be exchanged at any corp store right? But not at an affiliate store?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DjPiLL View Post
    I am not sure about which version of the Pre I have... but if/when I close my slider too fast or too hard... the screen goes blank (backlight still on) and I am forced to reboot the phone.

    Quite annoying as I can duplicate this very easily, I really have to baby it when I close the slider.

    Will most likely be returning it for another. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    I just exchanged my pre I bought on launch day because it had very noticeable dead pixels. I got a yellow sleeved one today turns out it has a few dead pixels too. But they are very very hard to see even on the boot up screen so I will take it for now. By the way, the new one does seem to respond much faster but there is no spring loaded keyboard.
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    no problems for me 1.01 loaded. purchased on 6/5 with warranty date of 5/9
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    I have a black box pre with warranty code 5/24/09 that I got on 6/6/09. I haven't really noticed any problems except that the battery life sucks ***. If I stream pandora for 2 hours, then get online for 30min the phone is about dead. The keyboard feels solid, but when it's closed, I definitely can wiggle the halfs. Those who are exchanging, do you guys have TEP? Should I wait till the end of the month to exchange it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tjd414 View Post
    My build date is 06/05/2009 and I have no issues with my (or my daughter's) Pre. White box if you need to know.

    The slider does seem to have a firm spring loaded feel to it which I like. No dead pixels or distortion on the screen. And, I have to agree with a previous poster, the touch screen is very responsive.

    Cards seem to load pretty quickly for me as well ... maybe 2 or 3 seconds for each to pop up. I don't seem to have much of a heat issue, even when on the phone for 30+ minutes at a time.

    We are loving our Pre's!
    I have the same build date phone. My phone has yellow discoloration/light spots at the bottom of the screen, 7 dead pixels and while the slider does feel snappy, it also is not very tight. It rotates 1/16".

    Should I exchange it now before the 30 days is up or wait for palm to get these quality control issues taken care of? They seemed on the verge of being annoyed at my coporate sprint store as I was the first one to return a pre (my launch pre's clearcoat was peeling/chipping already).
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    Quote Originally Posted by blastquake View Post
    My Pre has a warranty date of 5/25/09 with the white/black sleeve. No dead/stuck pixels, the keyboard feels fine, and the slider is perfect, with the right amount of spring tension. I'm also getting decent battery life.

    Note that this is my first smartphone, I upgraded from a first gen Katana, and before that a Sanyo 8100. I will say this is the best phone I've ever had by far.
    This is pretty much my story except I upgraded from the Samsung A900M. I haven't had any real problems with the hardware thus far.
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    In summary, we can say that you can't base the quality of your pre on the color sleeve that's around the box. My two friends have the yellow sleeve Pre, while I have the black one. My only problem is the discoloration above the gesture area that creeps up after a while. I haven't had enough time to see if my friends' phones are doing the same thing or not, but as of now, I am inclined to keep this phone since I can live with the discoloration, provided it doesn't get much worse.
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    Well I can confirm that it is true. I went to my sprint store and the sales person told me that the pre's that came in the balck box's had a lot of defects and that the pre's in the white and yellow box were the better built ones...he told me that, that was the one to get...
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    I have a black sleeve box with a build date of 5/17/09. I have a spring loaded feeling slider that remains tight when in the closed postion, no dead pixels and no screen discoloration. It came with 1.01 out of the box and about a 40 percent charge. I really like my Pre.
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    I just called my sprint store, they said they have phones 'set aside' to replace defect ones.I'm going to go in a few sucks I have an invisible shield on perfect..hopefully they're not black boxes.
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    I have a white box/black sleeve, warranty date of 5/10/2009. Screen is perfect, slider is tight and springy, Generates lots of heat whenever I utilize the GPS, and youtube.. battery life is dependent on usage, but is much better then my Diamond. I would say it was in between my diamond, and my treo 755p (Which is a tank, and the battery will last 3 days).
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    Quote Originally Posted by MSB View Post
    Could it be possible that the Pres in the white boxes had their OS updated automatically while they sat in their boxes? I seem to remember when the clerk took my Pre out of the box it was already on (not activated, though)
    Mine came in the white box (orange flower) and the clerk activated it and THEN ran the update. All I know is when it was handed to me it had 1.02 on it.
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    1st pre bought 6/6/09 warranty date 5/31/09 black sleeve.... 1 dead pixed, light leakage at the bottem, and phone reset on slider close. replacement Pre on 6/15/09 warranty date 6/9/09 yellow sleeve. Perfect! no dead pixels, no light leakage, much stroger feeling slider. 24 hours and no resets for any reason.
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    I have the original the original launch day Pre.

    The slider moves up and down with spring motion and locks in place. No problem there.

    Keyboard also feels rock solid and has no move at all. Coming from Storm with that stupid 'Sure Press' thing, it's feels so wonderful to type on Pre... (I know, I know Bold or Curve is easier to type on still..)
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    Warranty date 5/28 purchased 6/6. Don't know what the heck the sleeve looked like but I'll check.

    Slider works great, speed seems good, everything just dandy. Slightly creaking back cover now but I think it's because I installed a skin over it. Also, when I get the touchstone backing it might not be an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garrettwp View Post
    On the dial screen type ##786#.

    - Garrett
    This is great. I see a WARRANTYDATECODE = 06/01/2009. Any feedback on what that implies regarding build date, and what the other fields in this "Reverse Logistics Support" screen indicate?
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