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    Mine arrived yesterday, too, 7 weeks after it was mailed on 6/8. $100.
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    sent rebate form in on 6/30/08, got rebare check today..
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    Question for you all,

    In order to get my pre I had to use another line on our account so I could get the phone for $200 w/MIR. So basically I stole my little sisters phone number to get my pre haha. My question is...It has now been 31 days since I purchased my PRE and I was wondering if I could switch back to my phone number without losing my rebate? I checked online and it still says 58%. I dont want to switch the Pre to my normal number and then not get my rebate bc I switched numbers. I hope I am making sense lol.
    i did the same thing. the salesman told me 31 days too. I'm waiting until I deposit my check though, just to be on the safe side.
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    Got my check yesterday as well, got my original pre on 6/6 and mailed the rebate in around 6/12.
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