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    I have never switched carriers before - I have been with Verizon since it was Qualcomm and I had my first cell phone. I am intrigued by the Pre and am also tired of the monthly $180 Blackberry bill on Verizon. My question is, if I switch to Sprint for the Pre, port my phone number, but then hate the service or the phone and want to switch back to Verizon before 30 days, how hard it is it to switch back? And keep the same number?
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    The process to go back to Verizon would be just like going to Sprint. You wouldn't cancel Sprint until you go into Verizon and they re-activate service, then you would take the Pre back. Quite painless but each time the number is ported from carrier to carrier there is a 20 minute to 2 hour wait for service to move.

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