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    There was a full page ad in the WSJ yesterday and I am starting to see Pre specific Sprint commercials on the tube now. About time!
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    Yeah, starting to see commercials myself.
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    I was at the movies yesterday seeing Pelham 123. One of the commercials while we were waiting for the movies was a Pre commercial.
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    From a business perspective, it wouldn't have been cost effective for them to run adds before now. The initial stock was going to be bought out by existing Sprint and Palm customers. W/O any cost to them, they knew that anything they stocked w/in the first week would fly off the shelf. Now that the Pre advocates or Palm users have gotten their stock, they'll need to entice the rest of the nation.

    Personally, I'm glad they didn't advertise. I didn't want some Johnnie no-nothing to get my phone and blast it, while I had to patiently wait for next month's stock. I got my Pre on release date. I didn't want to wait till Monday and I didn't want to wait in line or pay people to wait in line overnight or something else ridiculous.

    But now that I have my baby in my hot little hands, they can tell the world, except for the people who know me, "They already have Pre envy and don't need to be informed.

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