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    Ok, the Pre has been out 1 week. Yes, as soon as we got our Pres there was an update to 1.02, but that was already on some phones, so that update was already old

    I was hoping that Palm would have pushed out another update by now, even if it was just to fix some small items, to show the world that they are working on, and producing fixes.
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    I'd give em another week...don't want updates going out every few days...
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    I'm sure they might be weighing the first update carefully. If they come out too quick everyone will say they needed an emergency update, wait too long and they'll be blamed for taking forever. It's a tough call either way.
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    I bet Palm/Sprint is looking at all the information coming in regarding bugs, hardware problems, feature requests and adding this information to their current list of things to fix/add. They probably already have a good start on a 1.03 version. Coming up with updates takes time. Every big launch of a new 1.0 product always has problems.
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    I bet they better pump something out before July 1 as it would help in my decision to keep it or not.
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    I would much rather be patient and wait so that they make sure they don't introduce more bugs. Stability issues will make or break not only the success of the Pre, but Palm as a company. Features will come with time and Palm knows that outside developers will be their biggest ally.

    Let's face it, Palm is walking a fine line and you have to give them credit for the job they've done. Is everything we want in the phone there on day 1, nope. Does it matter? That depends on the turnaround, but people do need to relax a bit. Having been in software development for many years, I'm willing to give them a few weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I bet they better pump something out before July 1 as it would help in my decision to keep it or not.
    you already know you are keeping it. stop pretending.
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    I would rather see an update to boost reception and possibly the heat issues before anything. However, I think whatever update they are planning for EAS support will probably be part of a larger phone-wide update. In 60 days, the update maybe here.
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    A close race so far I know that a lot of people keep talking about this being the first release and everything, but at the same time Palm has been in this game long enough, and some of the missing features that are basic just leave me scratching my head ! Also, people comparing the Pre to the initial iPhone release are not really getting it, sorry to say. The Pre is going head to head (like it or not) against the iPhone of today.

    So far I really like my wives Pre and I do believe that the Pre will just get better and better, but Palm really need to ante up and get some bug fixes out to show that they are serious contenders. I think it is fair to say that a lot of people were expecting more from the Pre.

    Let's see what happens.

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