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    Have you upgraded to the Pre from a Palm OS Treo?
    So how are you finding it? What do you most appreciate about the new phone?
    Is the Pre everything you imagined and more?
    Anything you miss?

    Have been a happy Treo 680 user since they first came to Australia but the Pre certainly looks a significant improvement..and certainly await it eagerly here down under.
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    Actual messaging application is slower than on previous Treos
    Palm M100 => Treo 755P => Treo 800w => Treo 755p => Palm Pre => No more Palm/HP products
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    The phone/data connection is much better. My Treo 700p had lots of connection issues, especially once I applied the patch. My Pre seems to get a better signal, re-establish connections quickly, and just work.

    The Pre email client has some cool features, but also is missing some major ones, or I just can't figure out how to do them (trash never seems to delete, no way to select all the messages, etc.).

    The Classic emulator is pretty neat. Alot of old applications for the Palm work fine on the pre (I used it just yesterday to look up a password in Password Plus).

    The Pre camera is pretty awesome.

    The bluetooth support is much better, even if you were using SAG on the 700.

    All in all, I LOVE my pre.
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    i went from a treo 700p that i've had for close to 3 years to the pre. the differences are...

    in terms of hardware:

    1) smaller. fits better in pocket/hand. much easier to get in/out of my pocket.
    2) not as slippery because i have the matte back/touchstone
    3) more slippery because the screen is flushed and the whole thing is rounded and i can't be as careless as i could with the treo and its recessed screen and antenna that i can always grab
    4) more "fragile" feeling so i pay more attention when i take it in/out of my pocket and when i'm using it
    5) battery life definitely feels

    in terms of user experience:

    1) much much more integrated, easier to use. apps are seamlessly linked to each other smartly via additional cards, so it's very easy to go back and forth or compare things. it's an innovation that makes it a lot more usable than the iPhone's approach, which is very much a spoke model where you keep having to jump in and out of spokes to go from one activity to another. it's the main reason i've been holding off on getting an iPhone since its realease.
    2) still missing some functionalities that, imo, were cut from the initial release due to the fact that this is a brand new OS and a brand new device. i know a lot of people are unhappy it's missing this and that but in software product releases that's a trade-off to get a solid release of fewer functionalities and then add more on later. the other option is to have many functionalities that dont' work well and break. i think palm made the right decision here and i expect to see continual updates to the OS.
    3) browsing experience is in another league compared to blazer. it's faster and more usable than the iPhone's because of better caching. and you can open links in a new card by holding down the orange palm key + sym + clicking on the link. i used opera mini on the treo 700p and it was actually very good and very fast since it's being rendered on a real computer and loaded on to the phone. but it's written in java so therefore can't be integrated with all the other apps on the treo. and it crashes a TON.

    in terms of little things that are important to me:

    1) notification isn't as good. it does not provide persistent visual feedback (flashing LEDs) when the phone is off so it's easy to miss notifications and msgs unless you are constantly looking at the phone. this is an area where i think palm regressed. there's been plenty of complaints about it so i hope that they are listening and fix this soon.
    2) the vibration mode isn't as powerful as the 700p's which again makes it easy to miss
    3) battery life isn't as good as my old treo... but take into consideration that i am doing a lot more things a lot more often than on my treo, where i am usually constantly online using opera mini and have 4 emails pushing via Sprint's Mobile Email app. that said, though, the battery on the pre IS smaller than on the treo.
    4) getting to the battery to replace it, if one has a second battery, is a very difficult process. you can tell that palm designed it that way to discourage the action due to the fact that the pre is constantly connecting to the internet. just popping out while there's data transfer = disaster. basically you will need to power off the device to ensure that there's no data transfer going on, THEN replace the battery.
    5) the micro USB door to charge is not a very good design. it's flimsy and prone to breaking. that's why i got the touchstone. but, charging on the touchstone makes the back get very hot.

    ok i think that's all i can think of at the top of my head for now. hope that helps!
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    Just about everything in the Pre tops the Treo. Having said that, of course I had issues with a few things...

    -memos app functionality has been downgraded severely. i.e. no 'private' feature, no categories. I really hope they change this because I used to use memos extensively.

    -while Treo hardware was never anything to brag about, the fact that it was an all in one solid candy bar design helped for a more solid feel. I really really hate to admit it, but I think the wobbly slider issue is the Pre's greatest out-of-the-box weakness. Not the software. Looking back, the only other slider Palm's ever made was on the Tungsten T series, and they took a lot longer to cause any kind of 'alarm' than the Pre sliders did, or are doing. Well, with me I guess.

    Geez, I think those are the only really big issues I can think of, for myself. Otherwise, here are the things I think are great about the Pre:
    -Camera: My 680 was 640x480, this is 3.2mp. That's a big jump. Btw, I tried taking some pics of objects in motion with it, and they came out great.
    -webOS: Multitasking is so slick, I love how I can lookup a password in SplashID while I'm on the actual website on another card. It's little stuff like that that really thrills me about this thing.
    -Size: It's so small, yet it does so much! This is funny, because this couldn't happen without the slider I complained about earlier.
    -web browser: This is, by leaps and bounds, better then Blazer.

    Needless to say, I won't be going back to the Treo and Palm OS any time soon.

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