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    anyone notice the fact that the build-in youtube app doesnt load the whole video, but at some point, load more as you play, erasing the beginning of the video?

    i see this when i watch some HQ music videos.

    also, the playback is SMOOTH and looks NICE!
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    yeah i noticed that too about perceived playback quality - maybe its because so many pixels are crunched into such a small space that it kind of masks any macroblocks or artifacts that you'd otherwise notice on a larger screen, but example I watched Obama's 55 minute Cairo speech the other day and it looked like a TV broadcast without a single hiccup the whole time.

    I did some tests with an iPhone and Pre side by side, finding and loading the same Youtube vid, and besides Pre having faster load time (granted its CDMA, but not my problem iPhone doesn't have it), all around its just kind of a snappier app on Pre. I actually use Youtube now.
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