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    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how scattered all the various settings and preferences are? I just want ONE settings Icon where I can change my clock/alarm, bluetooth/wifi, screen & keyboard, sounds & ringtones, Email settings, language, yada yada.

    You get the feeling Palm broke out all the settings into individual icons/apps just to make the phone look like it had more icons. I won't assume they did it for that reason but seriously, CONSOLIDATE! I hate to say it but do it more like the iPhone.
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    Actually, the iphone hides a lot of settings too. But still, I get your point. The settings should be consolidated, not only the ones buried in apps but even the ones that already have their own icon. It can be confusing.
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    Right, some apps have Prefs/settings in the dropdown button on the upper left of the screen, some don't. Some apps have settings right in the main app window and there's nothing but "Edit" as an option in the upper left dropdown. It should be uniform so I don't have to look under every rock to find the prefs of interest to me.
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    My thoughts exactly!
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    To each his own. I'll have to disagree with this. I think- just like how apps work on a desktop computer, each app should have its own preferences located inside the app while a "general settings" app should control settings in relation to the phone i.e. brightness, sound. That way the general settings wont get too cumbersome when you have 10, 20, 30 apps installed.

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