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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyril View Post
    I would do it for free, but I'm guessing London UK is a bit far
    The weather here is good, lots of things to do, even more than NYC, and the dollar is still quite high
    Haha. I have been to both NYC and London, and I <3 NYC. Sorry. But London is a close 2nd. I'll be there in.........12 hours!! Start cleaning!
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    I needed a better/louder sound too so I did the change sound trick too - works great and really isn't that hard to do. i was pressed for time and didn't have many sounds to work with so i took the original sound, duplicated it several times with audacity and put it back on the phone. better than the original but i think i could still cut it half. i'm really waiting for the mod to change the vibrate length - which i read somewhere should be posted to the dev wiki soon (hopefully!)
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    The vibration type/ length is extremely important to me. I normally leave my phone in my bookbag and only pay attention to it when it vibrates. The Pre just gives off a short buzz and that's it. Hopefully, this will be fixed along with the notification
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    I can't wait to change mine, but I'll wait until it's customizable within the OS as a standard feature. I want the ability to use HAL from "2001: Space Odyssey" but I don't want to be locked into just that. If I'm to be limited (for now) to just one, I'll go with something boring/corporate sounding.

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    I got the notification sound changed. It was actually quite easy after rooting the device. I dug around through the code for a long time looking for where the call is made to the notification.wav file, hoping that there was some reference to volume there (since the file is being played quieter than it could/should be), but I was unsuccessful.

    I'm going to keep looking, I'm sure it's there in the configuration somewhere, but there are LOTS of files, and I'm not yet entirely sure what I should be grepping for.

    But the new sound is a significant improvement. I'll definitely be keeping the device now.
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    This was a pretty dumb move by Palm. What they dont consider is if there is more than one Pre in a household, then it gets mighty confusing. "Honey, was that your phone or mine?" Freakin lame.

    I figured though that it would need hacking to change it & I will be doing this tonight until Palm actually stops sniffing glue & gives us some decent options to change some of this stuff.
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    Patience young grasshoppers.....An update will come..Now is it in the 30day window? I doubt it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NINnerd View Post
    Ok, does anyone have the instructions in English? LOL! I have NO idea what I just read. Haha.
    I am with you
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